Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sakhi Series :- 246 (What is True Renunciation?)

Bhai Jagga 
(Source : [Book]The Gospel of the Sikh Gurus ) 

Jagga Dharni came to Guru Angad Dev and sought shelter with him. He wanted permission to renounce his home and yearned to become a mendicant. He declared that he had met a yogi who told him to renounce the world, as the worldly duties were chains of bondage. And only after he did so would the yogi give him spiritual instructions.

Guruji told him that if renouncing the home and hearth and becoming a yogi, one could attain liberation, why did the yogis go round the shops and quarrel for alms? The correct path is like a lotus flower, which is in the water but untouched by it and always meditating on the sun. Similarly, the Gurmukhs (disciples who are Guru oriented) live in their
houses as family men and serve their Guru. 

If one is a beggar and begs for food, he gives away his spiritual powers to the donor of the food. If a householder meditates on the Lord, the fruit of meditation would remain with him and when he serves the saints and the sadhus, the fruit of this service shall also remain with him like a  master who feeds grass and oil cakes to his cow, enjoys it's milk. 

Bhai Jagga then decided to remain a householder and  attained his liberation by serving the saints and other disciples.

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