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Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s fourth bachan

Unraveling 'Guru Ki Kashi' – Akal University at Damdama Sahib!

Unveiling the treasure behind the Kalgidhar Dashmesh Pitah – Guru Gobind Singh Ji's 4th bachan of 'Guru ki Kashi' for Damdama Sahib that will give the world Great Spiritual Scholars and Academic Leaders!

About 307 years ago, The Tenth Master – Guru Gobind Singh Ji, after sacrificing his four Sahibzadas (young sons) for the Khalsa Panth and blessing the 40 Muktey ('liberated ones') at Muktsar, reached Talwandi Sabo, Damdama Sahib and untied his Kamarkassa (the waist-band) and hence the name symbolizing his taking 'Dam' there or resting place.  It was here, when Guru Gobind Singh Ji sent his sewadars to get the old Granth Sahib Birh from Dhir Mal to which he refused and sent the sewadars back. Guru Sahib recited the whole Guru Granth Sahib on his own to Bhai Mani Singh who penned it down in 9 months with him. Also Guru Sahib also gave the Santhya (meanings and pronunciations) of each stanza of Gurbani to the general masses. The hymns of Guru Tegh Bahadar Sahib were also incorporated at appropriate places in the Holy Scripture.

At Talwandi Sabo, the Guru Gobind Singh Ji blessed this region with 4 bachans in interactions with Bhai Dalla who became a devout and initiated into Khalsa with his family. Guru Sahib changed his name from Chaudhary Dalla to Bhai Dalla. The four prophecies being -

  1. Thatthe place will have canals flowing although where there was a sandy desert area.
  2. It will have lots of farms of mangoes, grapes, pomegranates and oranges, although it was full of wild shrubs.
  3. It will have fields full of wheat crops, although wild bushes and grass were visible all around at that time.
    Such was the Master's conviction that he proclaimed that Gur-Sikhs in future will see it for themselves, the realization of these blessings of canals, fruits and wheat crops.
  4. One day, after completion of the compilation of Sri Guru Granth Sahib as per divine order, Guru Gobind Singh Ji, began sharpening reeds – used for writing the Granth and threw them into the Sarovar (water-tank) and declared,

"Ehe pargateyo hamari Kashi, parhengey yahan dhor matt rasi"

Meaning- "This is our Guru's Divine Learning Place, which will emerge in future as a great center of divine learning where even duffer people will turn Virtuous and Scholars of Great Knowledge!"

Over a period of time, up till now, with grace of Almighty, three of the four blessings of Guru Gobind Singh Ji have been realized. Rivers and canals are flowing now. Fields are yielding huge wheat crops and the region is full of farms of mangoes, grapes, pomegranates and oranges.

But, 307 years have elapsed and the 4th bachan of Guru Kashi still remains pending, because no one has made efforts to look into bringing it to reality.  We have had 11 'Misls' ruling regimes of Sikhs including Maharaja Ranjit Singh; Patiala's Raj; Nabha's Raj; Jind's Raj andPanthik raj in the state, but unfortunately no one's attention went towards bringing up Guru Ki Kashi!

Hence, in reverence to the 10th Master, Guru Gobind Singh's prophecy; the Kalgidhar Trust/ Society has endeavored to establish an International Center for Comparative Religious Studies as a part of AKAL UNIVERSITY with special emphasis on the Teachings of Guru Granth Sahib and establishing center to translate Guru Granth Sahib in original ragas in different languages of the world.

Also, following the message of Guru Nanak to establish Permanent Peace in the World, this place will create crops of  Messengers of Peace, who will spread the message of Universal Brotherhood of mankind throughout the world. 

Listen to the details of 4 Sikhs(below)  The Final Call to the Sikhs...   from Jasbir Singh Baru Sahib wale and decide for yourself what to do next 
1) Lakhi Shah Vanjara
2) Moti Mehra
3) Dewaan Todar Mal
4) Peer Budhu Shah
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