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Sakhi Series :- 208 ( Guru Nanak Dev Ji & Bhai Maskeen)

Guru Nanak Dev Ji & Maskeen

On one of his travels Guru Ji came to a town and stopped at the house of an old Sikh called Chundhwadi. He was very poor and was in a fluster as to what food to place in front of Guru Ji. He went to the local town not knowing what to do. While he was there he saw a gathering of people and went to see what was happening. 

It was a wrestling match and the local Nawab was parading his champion. Now, the champion was called Maskeen and was tall and muscular and was undefeated. He stood while the proud Nawab challenged all the town if there was any person who would take on his champion. Maskeen strode into the middle of the large circle flexing his muscles. No one dared step forward for fear of serious injury. When Chundhwadi heard that the prize was 50rps he thought that if he could get the money he could use it to buy provisions to place in front of Guru Ji. He stepped into the ring and declared his intention to wrestle Maskeen. All fell about laughing, how could such an old man who was just skin and bone take on the mighty Maskeen? 

As the two opponents came close Maskeen asked "What are you doing old man? You have no chance against me, what possesses you to fight me, you are going to get seriously hurt" 
Chundawadi said "Oh champion, Guru Nanak Dev Ji is coming to my house today and I have no food to place before him, my only chance is to beat you and use the prize money."

Maskeen fell into thought, "I have heard of Guru Nanak" he said "they say he is Khudha himself. I would also like to meet him." After much soul searching he said "Old man, if I let you win will you take me to see Guru Nanak Dev ji?"

"Yes" said Chundawadi "but what will become of you? If you lose, and lose to an old man your patronage will end and what will become of you?" But Maskeen did not hear this, all he could think about was meeting Guru Nanak Dev ji . 

So it happened that after a few moves Maskeen fell to the ground with a thump and as planned the old man put his foot on his chest and claimed the prize. 

There was pandemonium, there was a riot, the proud Nawab was humiliated and disowned his wrestler. Maskeens reputation was ruined, he knew that he would be turned out of his house. His family were even more livid, when they heard what had happened they planned to do away with him. They hastily dug a trench under his munja(bed) and stuck in spikes and covered the whole thing with large palm leaves, they planned to murder him and then plea with the Nawab to let them stay at the house. 

As Maskeen finally got away from the crowd he could not find Chundawadi in all the commotion and wondered home. His favorite daughter met him on route. She had seen what was happening and told her father. But Maskeen was a broken man, he did not care what happened to him, he shuffled to his house and went straight to the munja and lay on it fully expecting the whole thing to collapse into the hole underneath, but nothing happened. His little daughter ran to him and peered underneath "Papa, I can see a man in robes holding up your munja" she shouted. He knew, he just knew. Maskeen jumped off the bed and before he knew it Guru Nanak Dev Ji stood before him. He fell to his knees placing his head on Guru Jis feet. Guru Ji sat him down. "Oh Maskeen, you were willing to lose everything for me, I am now here for you"

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Sakhi Series :- 207 ( To the happy person, everyone seems happy. To the sick person, everyone looks sick )

Sukheeeae ko paekhai sabh sukheeaa rogee kai bhaanai sabh rogee 

Once there was a thief in Punjab. He had a scheme that he would go to the richest house in his villlage, the one with the wealthiest family. He would go to this house, and he would steal from these people, to get the most money possible. One evening, he went to the house, and waited until all the lights went out, until all the members went to sleep, until it was completely dark, so he would get his chance to steal from these people. When his chance came, when it became dark enough, and all the lights had gone out, he began climbing the gate of the house. As he came to the top of the gate, he saw a guard dog from the house. The dog started barking at him immediately. He knew that if the dog kept barking at him, there was no way he would have gotten into the house. He quickly climbed back to the other side, and waited until the dog stopped barking, but the dog could still smell him, so it continued barking.

During this time, there were Singhs that had the responsibility of the Seva of going into the Keth(fields) and managing the crops for Langar(free kitchen). These Singhs went during the night, so they could do Bhagtee, so they could do Naam Simran, and they wouldn't have any distractions; nobody to bother them, no sound, everybody would be sleeping. They were doing their jobs, at the same time the robber was attempting to steal from the wealthy family. The dog kept on barking, and when it finally stopped barking, morning had come. He realised that there was no way he could fulfill his task of stealing from those people. He decided he would finally go home; he had stayed up the whole night because the dog kept barking. His eyes were red and bloodshot. He was very fatigued. He started to walk home to his Pind(village), as he would not have his opportunity. At the same time, the Gursikhs who were doing their work in the Keth(fields) were walking home, and they crossed paths. When they looked at the thief, they saw the redness in his eyes, and they were filled with joy. They were so happy. They assumed that the thief was actually doing Naam Simran throughout the night. He looked so tired, they thought that this was the only thing he could have been doing, to be coming home at this time. When the thief looked at the Gursikhs, those Gursikhs were also tired, they were also human, they also had red eyes. When that theif looked at the Gursikhs, he assumed that they had made an attempt to steal from somebody, that they had done the same deed which he was trying to do. They were also empty-handed. He thought to himself, "Look at this. These people are in Bana, they look like Gursikhs, but they're doing these things and now in front of me, they're doing Pakhand."

Guru Sahib explains why this happened, why this person, this thief, could only think wrongly of these people.

sukheeeae ko paekhai sabh sukheeaa rogee kai bhaanai sabh rogee ||
To the happy person, everyone seems happy, everyone seems full of truth. To the sick person, the person who is filled with filth inside, who's not pure, everyone looks sick.

sa(n)th sa(n)g jaa kaa man seethal ouhu jaanai sagalee t(h)aa(n)dtee ||
One whose mind is comforted in the Society of the Saints (Sangat), believes that all are joyful.

If you look at the difference in the two situations, the thief looked at the Gursikhs, and all he could see was the wrong in them, but there was nothing; he just assumed. He could not see anything else. He could only have seen bad, because he, himself, was not pure. When the Gursikhs looked at the thief, even though he was a thief, they could only see good, they could only assume good.

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Sakhi Series :- 206 ( Amazing Journey of Guru Tegh Bahadur's Sees from Delhi to Anandpur Sahib)

How Bhai Jaita took Guru Sahib's sees (head) back to Anandpur Sahib 

Based on "Guru Kian Sakhian" of Bhatt Svarup Singh Kaushish and Katha by Giani Pinderpal Singh ji

The aftermath of Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib's Shahidi and how Bhai Jaita took Guru Sahib's sees (head) back to Anandpur Sahib is not well known. It is an amazing story that is worth sharing. 

Early Life 
Bhai Jaita jee, later known as Bhai Jeevan Singh, was born in 1649 to a Sikh family once of the scavenger caste. Bhai Jaita and his brother Bhag Chand were Sikhs of Guru Har Rai Sahib. They began to live in Ramdas with Bhai Gurditta jee a very respected Gursikh who was a descendant of Baba Buddha jee. Bhai Gurditta jee was with Guru Harkrishan at the time of Guru jee's leaving this world and was later the one who performed the Guruship ceremony of Guru Tegh Bahadur. Before Guru Tegh Bahadur left for Delhi, he was called once again to perform the ceremony for Guru Gobind Rai jee. 

After Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib set out to court arrest, Bhai Gurditta jee also left for Delhi. Bhai Jaita followed him. At Delhi, Bhai Gurditta jee saw the brutal martyrdoms of the three Sikhs, one after another. So did Bhai Jaita. The day of Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib's martyrdom was now approaching. Bhai Jaita and Bhai Gurditta did not sleep the entire night. They prepared themselves for the sight they were about to see. Their beloved Satguru would be beheaded before them but they could not let their tears escape or utter any cry. They would have to be silent lest they be discovered and not be able to perform seva of Guru Sahib's body. They did Ardaas to Guru Tegh Bahadur that they be able to bear the sight of the horror that was to come and not utter a sound. 

Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib's Shahidi 
Gurdwara Sis Ganj Sahib

The morning of November 11 1675 dawned. Guru Tegh Bahadur's small cage was brought to Chandani Chownk. There was a large tree that stood in the middle of the Chownk. The Chownk was a terrifying place this day. There were still the marks of the horrific tortures and Shahidis of Bhai Mati Das, Bhai Sati Das and Bhai Dayala. Amongst the crowd assembled to see the execution was Bhai Jaita, hiding himself so no one could recognize that a Sikh of the Guru was present. 

It was mid-day now. There stood the Kazi, Abdul Wahabb and the executioner, Jalaludin. Jalaludin came forward and opened Guru Tegh Bahadur's cage. Satguru jee stepped out. The Kazi said to Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib, "There is still time. Embrace Islam and you will be saved. Or you may show us a miracle and you will be rewarded with a great position. If neither of these are acceptable to you then you may choose death." 

Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib replied, "I want that which my Sikhs wanted. If my Sikhs did not falter then can you expect anything different from me?" 

Guru Tegh Bahadur was asked his final wish. Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib replied that he should be allowed to do ishnaan. Guru Tegh Bahadur was allowed to bathe with water from a nearby well. He dressed in fresh clothes and sat under the large tree at the centre of the Chownk. Satguru jee closed his eyes and began to recite Sri Japji Sahib in a loud voice. Clouds began to form and it began to grow darker. The sky had a reddish glow now. As Guru Sahib recited Japji Sahib in his sweet voice, with every word, the Sikhs in the crowd realized the moment of his Shahidi was drawing closer. Satguru jee recited the final Salok and bowed his head before Akaal Purakh. There was an instant of silence and then Jalaludin, with both hid hands clenching the sharp sword, swung and severed Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib's head from his body. 

Streams of blood flowed on to the ground and the sky too was now blood red. A ferocious wind began to blow and the storm broke. As the heavy rain fell, the crowd dispersed. 

The Sikhs Gather 
The Sikhs who witnessed the Shahidi of Guru Tegh Bahadur gathered at house of Bhai Nainoo. Their grief knew no end. Bhai Tulsi insisted that they could not allow Satuguru Tegh Bahadur's body to simply lie in Chandani Chownk. They decided to ask Bhai Lakhi Das, a powerful trader for help. They went ot Bhai Lakhi Das's home where he had just returned from a trip to Narnaul to get lime and sand. The caravan carrying the goods Bhai Lakhi Das had purhcased was to arrive in Delhi that night and the Sikhs decided that they would hide in this caravan and take the bodies of the Sikhs and Guru jee from the Chownk. 

Taking Guru Sahib's Body 
It was now well into the night and the storm over Delhi was still raging. Bhai Nainoo, Bhai Ageya, Bhai Jaita and Bhai Udda traveled with the caravan carrying Bhai Lakhi Das's goods. They passed by the Red Fort and then the Kotwali and finally reached Chandani Chownk. Bhai Jaita jee, using the darkness and the cover of the storm, lifted up Guru Tegh Bahadur jee's head and covered it with a white scarf. 

Bhai Lakhi Das and his son Bhai Nagahiya were following in the caravan and as it slowly passed through the Chownk, they took the body of Guru Tegh Bahadur and placed it in a cart and kept moving. Bhai Lakhi Das thought the most inconspicuous way to cremate Guru Sahib's body would be to place it within his home and light the entire home on fire so know one would suspect what really was happening. This is what he did. As he and the other Sikhs stood outside, the flames from Bhai Lakhi Das's home lept into the sky and Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib's body was cremated. Rakab Ganj – Where Guru Jee's body was cremated 

The next day, Bhai Gurditta jee also left this world, following his master Guru Tegh Bahadur. He was cremated by the banks of the Jamuna. Bhai Lakhi Das remained in Delhi for some days and managed through the help of the town crier to take away the bodies of the Shahid Sikhs and cremate them at the same place Bhai Gurditta was cremated. 

Bhai Jaita meanwhile was escaping with Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib's head. He decided that Guru Gobind Rai and the Sikhs would be waiting to have the final darshand and so he began to make his way towards Anandpur Sahib. Bhai Jaita clenched Satguru Tegh Bahadur Sahib's head to his chest and did an Ardaas that he be blessed with the strength to return to Anandpur Sahib. The Mughals would be searching for the head and so he could not travel on the common roads. He would have to travel through the forests and jungles so he would not be detected. 

The First Night 
Bhai Jaita left Delhi and in his first night, covered 40 kilometers. He arrived in the town of Baghpat. 

The morning of November 12th was beginning to dawn and Bhai Jaita arrived near the Dargah of a Sufi saint, Sheikh Wahuddin. Wahuddin asked "Who are you?" Bhai Jaita declared, "I am a Sikh of Guru Tegh Bahadur." Wahuddin asked, "Where is your Guru now?" Bhai Jaita with tears in his eyes told the Sufi of Guru Sahib's martyrdom and revealed that he was carrying Guru Sahib's head back to Anandpur Sahib. Wahuddin was an admirer of Guru Tegh Bahadur and said he would help Bhai Jaita. He led Bhai Sahib to the house of Bhai Krishan Pal. Bhai Jaita had been running without stop all night and finally rested at Bhai Krishan Pal's home. 

Bhai Jaita jee tenderly uncovered Guru Sahib's head and saw that the cloth was covered in blood and so he took a fresh cloth and covered the head once again. 

The Second Day: Meeting a Devoted Sikh 
After a brief rest, Bhai Jaita left Baghpat and ran all day, arriving by nightfall at Taravari. Bhai Jaita was exhausted and wanted to rest for a few hours so he could once again set out at amrit vela. There was a large fort in the town and beside it a pond. The people would come there to wash their clothes and on side of the pond was a dense forest. Bhai Jaita decided to rest in the forest. As he trudged through the trees, a washerman who was still at pond and called out, "Who's there?!" Bhai Jaita heard the voice and something in him said that this voice sounded like that of a Sikh. He did not know why, but he trusted it. Bhai Jaita replied, "I am a Sikh of Guru Tegh Bahadur". The washerman exclaimed, "You are a Sikh and this town too has the home of a Sikh so why should you spend the night lying in the forest? Come with me beloved Sikh of the Satguru! I am a poor man with very little, but whatever I have you are welcome to share." 

Bhai Jaita stepped out from the trees, clutching Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib's head to his chest and began to walk with the washerman who introduced himself as Bhai Deva Ram. Bhai Deva Ram had picked up the clothes he had been washing and asked, "Is there any news of Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib?" 

Bhai Jaita jee heard the question and kept walking silently. Bhai Deva Ram and Bhai Jaita arrived home and once again Bhai Deva Ram asked, "What news is there of Satguru jee?" It was dark now and Bhai Deva Ram lit some candles and asked his wife to prepare some food. He saw the bundle in Bhai Jaita's arms and asked, "What is in your bundle?" Bhai Jaita replied, "It is my treasure that I would not trade even for my life." Bhai Deva Ram offered, "give your bundle to us and rest. We shall take care of it till morning…" Bhai Jaita remained silent. 

Bhai Deva Ram saw the silence and decided to ask Bhai Jaita something else. He said, "When you meet Guru Tegh Bahadur please tell him that his poor Sikh, Deva Ram has sewn some clothing for him. May he bless us by stopping here some time to accept our offering." 

It was as if even after leaving his body, that Guru Tegh Bahadur was accepting the ardaas of his Sikhs. 

Bhai Jaita took the candle from Bhai Deva Ram and layer by layer began to uncover his bundle. The final fold had some blood on it and when he pulled it back, Bhai Deva Ram's eyes fell on Guru Tegh Bahadur jee's head. Bhai Jaita could not speak and sat to one side on the ground as Guru Sahib's head rested on the bed. 

Bhai Deva Ram began to weep and thought that he had asked for Guru Sahib's darshan but who knew it would come in this form? 

Bhai Jaita could eat very little. He told Bhia Deva Ram all that had happened. Bhai Deva Ram asked Bhai Jaita to rest and said he would do the seva of Guru Sahib's head. Bhai Deva Ram lovingly covered Guru Sahib's head in the new scarf he had prepared for Guru Sahib and wass going to offer. He took the rest of the clothes he had sewn and began to whisk them over Guru Sahib's head as a chaur. All night, Bhai Deva Ram did chaur of Guru Sahib's head and did not sleep for even an instant. 

Third Day 
At amrit vela, Bhai Jaita did ishnaan and then took up Guru Sahib's head. He saw that Bhai Deva Ram had covered it in the scarf he had said he wanted to offer. Tears formed in Bhai Sahib's eyes and he thought, "Guru Sahib, even now you take me where your Sikhs wait for your darshan…" 

It was now November 13th. Traveling through the jungles over rocks and thorns, Bhai Jaita arrived at sunset near the town of Ambala. There was a river flowing there and Bhai Jaita rested under a tree. Bhai Jaita asked a passerby if there was the home of a Sikh anywhere. He was told to go to nearby Kainth Majri. 

At Kainth Majri, Bhai Jaita met Bhai Ramdev. He told Bhai Ramdev that he was a Sikh and asked if he might rest somewhere. Bhai Ramdev took Bhai Jaita to his home. Once there, he asked Bhai Jaita what was in the bundle he was carrying. Once again, in the candlelight, Bhai Jaita uncovered Guru Sahib's head and Bhai Ramdev too fell to the ground. While Guru Sahib's head rested on the bed, Bhai Jaita and Bhai Ramdev remained the entire night on the ground. 

Fourth Day: Meeting a Fakir 
The next day, Bhai Jaita arrived at Nabha Sahib. Bhai Jaita hid in the bushes to rest but was noticed by a fakir, Dargahi Shah. Dargahi Shah asked Bhai Jaita who he was and Bhai Jaita replied, "A Sikh of Guru Tegh Bahadur". Dargahi Shah replied, "You are a Sikh and so why do you stay here? Come with me to my hut." 

Dargahi Shah who was a devotee of the Gurus, took Bhai Jaita to his home and there said to Bhai jee, "Oh Sikh, when you see Guru Tegh Bahadur be sure to tell him that this old man would like to have his darshan once before he dies." 

For the fourth time in his journey, Bhai Jaita uncovered Guru Sahib's head and said, "Baba, if you truly want Guru Sahib's darshan, then behold his divine head." The Fakir fell back and asked what had happened. Bhai Jaita told him of the Shahidi of Guru Tegh Bahadur. 

All night, Dargahi Shah stayed awake and gazed at Guru jee's head. At amrit vela, as Bhai Jaita asked to leave, Dargahi Shah took Guru Sahib's head in his arms and as he would normally see off his respected guest, began to walk with Bhai Jaita. After some distance, he gently handed the head back to Bhai Jaita and said, "Tell Guru Gobind Rai that this old fakir will only leave his body after having his darshan." Some years later, after the battle of Bhangani, Guru Gobind Singh and Bhai Jaita returned to meet this old fakir and only then did Dargahi Shah leave this world. 

Fifth Day: Reaching Kiratpur Sahib 
On November 14th, Bhai Jaita finally saw Kiratpur Sahib ahead of him. Kiratpur Sahib is not very far from Anandpur Sahib and is the holy place where Guru Hargobind Sahib and Guru Har Rai Sahib were cremated. Bhai Jaita wondered whether Guru Gobind Rai would want Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib's head to be cremated here as well. Bhai Jaita rested where today stands Gurdwara Bibangarh Sahib. 

Bhai Jaita had now been meet by other Sikhs and they sent a message to Guru Gobind Rai that his father's head had arrived at Kiratpur Sahib. As the sun set on November 14th, the message arrived at Anandpur Sahib. 

The Sikh carrying the message entered Guru Sahib's home and Mata Nanaki asked, "what is the news?" The Sikh could not speak. When Guru Gobind Rai appeared, the Sikh fell at his feet and told them that Bhai Jaita had brought Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib's head. Upon hearing the news, Guru Gobind Rai, Mata Nanaki jee, Mata Gujri jee, and the rest of the Sikh Sangat left Anandpur Sahib and took with them a palki (palanquin). 

Ranghreta Guru Ka Beta

The Sangat arrived at Kiratpur Sahib, singing Gurbani. Bhai Jaita was still holding Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib's head. He saw Guru Gobind Rai and placed the bundle before him and stepped back his eyes cast downwards. Guru Gobind Rai first uncovered Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib's head and had its darshan. He then took Mata Nanaki jee by the arm and said, "Grandmother, come and see your son's head." Mata jee tenderly kissed Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib's forehead, smiled and said, "look, the glow on my beloved one's face is the same as it always was." 

Mata Gujri jee stepped forward, bowed and said, "Lord, you love (for the Divine) endured. May mine endure as well." 

Guru Gobind Rai jee called Bhai Jaita. Bhai Jaita, who had traveled for so many days, his body tired and battered by the long and treacherous journey, stepped forward. Guru Gobind Rai took Bhai Jaita in his arms and said "Ranghreta, Guru ka Beta". Meaning, "Ranghreta (one from the Ranghar tribe) is the Guru's own son." Bhai Jaita replied, "Satguru, give me the gift of Sikhi, bless me that I may remain yours. I only ask that the day I die, may I have your blessings." 

Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib's head was placed in the palki and carried by the Sangat to Anandpur Sahib where Gurdwara Sis Ganj Sahib stands today. Rosewater was brought and Guru Gobind Rai washed Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib's head and asked Bhai Jaita to also join him. They then made the pyre of sandalwood and Guru Gobind Rai gave it the flame. 

After the Saskaar 
Guru Gobind Rai asked Bhai Jaita to tell him what he had seen and how Guru Tegh Bahadur had embraced martyrdom. After hearing the story, Guru Gobind Rai asked how many Sikhs were in the crowd that saw the martyrdom. Bhai Jaita replied that he did not know as it was hard to recognize them. Guru Gobind Rai declared that he would create such an image for Sikhs that they could be spotted in a crowd of thousands. 

At the place of Damadama Sahib at Anandpur Sahib, Guru Gobind Rai arranged for the recitation of Guru Granth Sahib jee and Bhai Chaupat Rai (later Bhai Chaupa Singh) lovingly recited the saloks of Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib. 

Bhai Jaita to Bhai Jeevan Singh 
Bhai Jaita jee began to live at Anandpur Sahib now. In 1691 he marred Bibi Raj Kaur and they had four sons. When Guru Gobind Rai established the Ranjit Nagara, Bhai Jaita jee was the first one given the duty to play it. Bhai Jaita became known as a great warrior and trained other Gursikhs as well. 

In 1699 when Guru Gobind Singh gave Khande ki Pahul, Bhai Jaita jee became Bhai Jeevan Singh. 

Shahidi of Bhai Jeevan Singh 
When Guru Gobind Singh and the Sikhs evacuated Anandpur Sahib, Bhai Jeevan Singh too accompanied Guru Sahib. Bhai Sahib's old mother Mata Prem Kaur was lost in the Sirsa. When Baba Ajeet Singh jee was surrounded by the Mughal army at the banks of the Sirsa, Bhai Jeevan Singh charged forward, his horse's reins in his mouth and a sword in each hand. With the kirpans in both hands, he cut through the encirclement and made a path for Baba Ajeet Singh to exit. 

The Bhatt Vehis say that Bhai Jeevan Singh kept traveling with Guru Sahib's caravan until Kotla Nihang Khan. Here, Bhai Jeevan Singh shot arrow after arrow and wreaked havoc on the Mughals. Finally, a bullet hit Bhai Sahib in the forehead and after bellowing "Sat Sri Akaal!" he fell to the ground and left his body, a beloved Sikh of the Guru till the end. 

Aftermath & History 
Sardar Baghel Singh

In 1783 Sardar Baghel Singh and the Sikh army conquered Delhi. The Nishan Sahib flew high over the Red Fort. Sardar Bagehl Singh had one desire, that the places associated with Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib's be commemorated. 

He had an announcement made by the beat of a drum that if anyone knew where the exact place of Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib's martyrdom was, they should come to him. The old grand daughter of a water carrier came forward. She told Sardar Baghel Singh that when Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib was beheaded, her grandfather was called to wash the place. She said that she was a little girl but she had seen the martyrdom of the Sikhs and Guru Sahib. They took her to Chandani Chownk and though she was almost blind and walked very slowly, she walked to the spot where Guru Sahib was martyred and said that Guru Sahib's blood had spilled at this place. Sardar Baghel Singh thanked her profusely and gave her family countless gifts. This is the place that Gurdwara Sis Ganj was established and even today can be seen. 
In total, with help of old Hindu, Muslim and Sikh residents of Delhi, Sardar Baghel Singh found and established Gurdwaras at seven historical places: 
1. Gurdwara Mata Sundri Ji at the place which was know as the Haveli Sardar Jawahar Singh. 
2. Gurdwara Bangla Sahib. A Mansion belonging to Raja Jai Singh existed there once. Guru Harkrishan Dev, the Eighth Guru had stayed there. 
3. Gurdwara Bala Sahib. Last rights of Guru Harkrishan, Mata Sundri and Mata Sahib Kaur were performed at this place. 
4. Gurdwara Rakab Ganj. The torso of Guru Tegh Bahadur was cremated here. 
5. Gurdwara Sees Ganj. Guru Tegh Bahadur was martyred at this place. 
6. Gurdwara Moti Bagh. Guru Gobind Singh sent a message to the Mughal King, Bahadur Shah, by shooting an arrow from this place. 
7. Gurdwara Majnu Tilla. It was established in the memory of a Sikh of Guru Nanak, named Majnu. Guru Hargobind stayed at this place on his way to Gwaliar.

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Sakhi Series :- 205 ( Bhagat Dhroo Ji - Raam japo jee, aise aise|| Dhroo Prehlaad japiyo Har Jaise|| )

Bhagat Dhroo ji

<> siqgurpRswid ]
DR¨ hsdw Gr AwieAw kr ipAwr ipau kuCV lIqw]
bwhoN pkV auTwilAw mn ivc ros mqRyeI kIqw]
fufhuilkw mW puCy qUM swvwxI hY ik srIqw]
swvwxI hW jnm dI nwm n BgqI krm idRVIqw]
iks aud`m qy rwj imlY sqR U qy sB hovn mIqw]
prmySr AwrwDIAY ijMdU hoeIAY piqq punIqw]
bwhr cilAw krn qp mn bYrwgI hoie AqIqw]
nwrdmuin aupdyiSAw nwm inDwn Aimaurs pIqw]
ipChu rwjy sidAw Abcl rwj krhu inq nIqw]
hwr cly gurmuK jg jIqw ]ñ]

Bhai Gurdaas Ji in Vaars Bhai Gurdaas on Pannaa 10

One Oankar, the primal energy, realized through the grace of the divine preceptor
Boy Dhru came smiling to his house (palace) and his father full of love put him into his lap.
Seeing this, the stepmother got angry and catching hold of his arm pushed him out of the lap of the father (the king).
Tearful with fear he asked his mother whether she was a queen or a maidservant?
O son! (said she) I was born queen but I did not remember God and did not undertake acts of devotion (and this is the reason of yours and mine plight).
With that effort can the kingdom be had (asked Dhru) and how can enemies turn friends?
The Lord should be worshipped and thus the sinners also become sacred ones (said the mother).
Listening to this and getting totally detached in his mind Dhru went out (to the jungle) to undertake rigorous discipline.
On the way, sage Narad taught him the technique of devotion and Dhru quaffed the nectar from the ocean of the Name of the Lord.
(After some time) King (Uttanpad) called him back and asked him (Dhru) to rule forever.
The gurmukhs who seem to be losing i.e. who turn their faces from the evil propensities, conquer the world.

Dhruva's was the son of king Uttanapada. Literally "Dhruva" means the one who has become "immortal". His father had two queens, named Suniti and Suruchi. Suruchi was much more dear to the king. But Suniti, the mother of Dhruva, was not his favorite. Once upon a time, the king was patting the son of Suruchi, Uttama, placing him on his lap. Dhruva, who was playing nearby, was also trying to get on his father's lap. 

But because of king's favoritism towards his queen Suruchi, the king did not very much welcome Dhruva. While Dhruva was trying to get on the lap of his father, Suruchi, his stepmother, became very envious of him and said: "my dear child, you do not deserve to sit on the throne or on the lap of the King. Surely you are also the son of the King, but because you did not take your birth from my womb, you are not qualified to sit on your father's lap." 

Furthermore, sarcastically she said he should have taken birth from her womb if he wanted to be a King.

Having been struck by the strong words of his stepmother, and upon seeing his father silent and not protesting, Dhruva immediately left the palace in anger and went to his mother. He was five years old then. 

He said to her 'I am a prince but they shout at me like a servant boy.  Why don't they respect your son Mata jee...I thought you were a queen not a slave?'  She replied 'because of my destiny i am a queen, but because i never meditated on God's name I have no more respect than a slave.' 

Dhruva was furious that they didn't respect his mother. Dhruva's mother advised her son not to wish for anything inauspicious for others; for anyone who inflicts pains upon others suffers himself from that pain instead she told Dhruva if he desired to rise to the throne, then he should start meditating on the all powerful Almighty to satisfy the Divine, and then, when he is favored by the Divine because of such worship he can get anything and everything

He told his father the King, 'I am leaving this kingdom to go and meditate on God's Name, one day when I have enough spiritual power I will reclaim the throne.' His father insisted he stayed, but the other queen was quite happy to let him go.  He was determined and left into the wilderness. 

Travelling to the jungle were all holy people went to meditate he was met by a Saint(Narad), the Saint spoke to the little boy and was surprised to hear a child saying he was going to the jungle to meditate.  So he tested the boy to see if he was serious.  He said to Dhruva, 'you know it's dark and dangerous in the jungle, wont you get scared of the wild animals?'  Dhruva replied, 'I dont care if its dark and dangerous, I'm going to meditate on God's Name.'  The Saint tested him again, 'But you're the son of a king and used to being fed the finest food, will be able to live on berries and roots in the jungle?'  Dhruva was determined and replied, 'I'm going to meditate on god's name even if there's no food.'  The saint was truly impressed by Dhruva's determination and whispered the secret name of God into Dhruva's ear. 

nwrd khq sunq DR¨A bwirk Bjn mwih lptwno ]1]
naaradh kehath sunath dhhrooa baarik bhajan maahi lapattaano ||1||
Listening to Naarad's teachings, the child Dhroo was absorbed in deep meditation. ||1||  ( Guru Granth Sahib Ji, Ang 830)
Indirectly, the harsh words of Dhruva's stepmother turned out to be benediction for him; for because of the influence of his stepmother's words, he became a great Spiritual Being (Gurmukh). To achieve the desired results of attaining his father's kingdom, Dhruva's mother motivated him to engage himself in the worship (Bhakti) of the One Divine Being and nobody else. Determined to execute devotion, Dhruva left the palace.

He had met his true guru and for the next few years he meditated long and hard. When he was a teenager he felt he had enough spiritual power to overtake the king and claim the kingdom.  He had been meditating on God's name with this sole target for all these years and now his ego had got the better of him. On his way to the palace, his True Guru met him again and laughingly said were are you going,  Dhruva replied 'I'm going to fight the kings army and reclaim the throne.' His True Guru laughed and said how are you going to beat an army?.  Dhruva replied, 'I have meditated on God's name for years and years and the spiritual power I have is immense.'  His True Guru handed him his staff and said 'Before you break the Kings Army, just break my measly staff.'  Dhruva tried with all his might but failed miserably to even break a 3 foot stick!  He fell at his True Guru's feet and begged for forgiveness, his ego had broken. 

He returned to the jungle were he continued to meditate.  He followed the Divine Teachings with faith, love and dedication. Later when he actually became Self-realized, he turned completely satisfied within and forgot all about his father's kingdom. 

Instead, he said, "My dear Lord, I was searching for some pebbles, but instead I have found valuable Jewel. I no longer care for my father's kingdom. Now I am fully satisfied."

His feelings of insult and honor (duality or Doojaa Bhaav) banished, and he attained Transcendental Bliss. Thus Dhruva, for example, first became a devotee with the motive of getting a better kingdom than that of his father, but as he progressed in devotion he became selfless and contented.

nau iniD Twkuir deI sudwmY DR¨A Atlu AjhU n tirE ]3]
no nidhh t(h)aakur dhee sudhaamai dhhrooa attal ajehoo n ttariou ||3||
Sudama's Lord and Master blessed him with the nine treasures; he made Dhroo permanent and unmoving; as the north star, he still hasn't moved. ||3|| ( Guru Granth Sahib ji, Ang 1105)

"Do naam abhyaas with as much sincerety and urgency as Bhagat Prahlad jee and Bhagat Dhruva jee did."

Vaaheguroo Ji Ka Khalsaa Vaaheguroo Ji Ki Fateh 


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Jaswant Singh Khara's Last speech

There is a fable that when the Sun was setting for the first time, as it was completing its journey, light was decreasing and the signs of Darkness were appearing.  It is said, lamentation was rife amongst the people that the Sun will set, Darkness will spread, no one will be able to see anything, and what will happen to us? Everybody was worried, but the Sun set. In order to show its strength, Darkness set its foot on the earth, but it is said – far away, in some hut, one little Lamp lifted his head. It proclaimed, "I challenge the Darkness. If nothing else, then at least around myself, I will not let it settle. Around myself I will establish Light." And it is said, watching that one Lamp, in other huts other Lamps arose. And the world was amazed that these Lamps stopped Darkness from expanding, so that people could see. I believe, today when Darkness is trying to overwhelm Truth with full strength, then if nothing else, self-respecting Panjab, like a Lamp, is challenging this Darkness. And I pray to the Guru, who identifies with Truth to keep this light lit.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sakhi Series :- 204 ( Kataru And Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji Mahraaj )

Kataru And Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji Mahraaj

One Kataru, the King's weighman, came from Kabul to pay his respects to Guruji. When he solicied instruction from Guru Arjan Dev Ji, he was told to use just weights and discharge his duties honestly (kirat karni). When he returned to his office in Kabul, a bania, or petty shopkeeper, with evil and malicious intent, placed in his shop a false weight, which he unknowingly started using.

The bania, went to the king to lay information against Kataru. The King proposed to inspect the weighing apparatus, and Kataru, hearing this, prayed(did ardaas) to Guru Arjan Dev Ji Mahraaj to protect him. Guru Ji, who was in Amritsar at the time, knew of Kataru's distress.

At that moment a poor sikh came to Guru Ji, with a small offering of five paise. Guru Ji took the coins and passed them from one hand to the other simultaneously with the king's inspection, so when the king tried both scales, the weights appeared correct.

The King of Kabul was satisfied with his inspection.

Guru Ji then explained the meaning of his act to an inquiring sikh

The moral of the story: Wherever you are, and whatever situation you are in, if you bow down before the king of kings and ask for his help. He will take your problems on himself and do everything in his power to help you, because that is his innate nature.


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sakhi Series :- 203 ( Bhai Jetha Jee )

Bhai Jetha Jee

Guroo Amar Das ji's elder daughter, Bibi Dani ji, was married to a pious Sikh named Bhai Rama. His younger daughter, Bibi Bhani ji, was married to Bhai Jetha ji who was also most devoted to serving the Guroo and his Sikhs( the sangat). A gathering of followers came to the Guroo and said, " Both Rama and Jetha both perform sewa with great devotion. Although Bhai Rama is older, you seem to favor Bhai Jetha. Would you please tell us why?" The Guroo said, "I am looking for the one who serves with greater faith, devotion, humility, and obedience. I am going to make a trial of Jetha and Rama; whoever fulfils my wishes the best will be the worthier of the two."

The Guroo sat next to the sacred tank and called the two men. He ordered each of them to make a platform for him to sit on, one for the morning and the other for the evening. He said that whoever did the better work would receive the greater honour. They began working and after a time finished the platforms. Rama bowed to the Guroo and showed him his platform; he thought he had done a very good job. The Guroo looked at the platform and said," It's crooked. Tear it down and build another." Rama said that he had tried very hard to make a beautiful platform to please the Guroo. The Guroo said he was sure this was so; still, he was not satisfied. Bhai Rama built a second platform, yet this one also failed to please the Guroo. Bhai Rama tore it down, but refused to build a third one. He mumbled, "The Guroo has grown old, he must be senile." The Guroo replied, "Bhai Rama does not know how to obey, how can he lead others as the Guroo?"

The Guroo then went over to Bhai Jetha's platform and, treating him in the same manner, said, "Your platform does not please me; tear it down and build another." At once, Jetha tore the platform down and built it again. When he had finished, the Guroo said he was still dissatisfied and asked him to do it again. Over and over he ordered Bhai Jetha ji to rebuild the platform, so that he had to work all day and all night. Bhai Jetha jee fell at Guru jee's feet and begged, "I am a fool and lack understanding, while you possess all knowledge. Kindly bless me with the wisdom so that I may be able to erect the platform to your liking." Bhai Jetha jee showed how a Sikh must always obey the Guru no matter what their own mind thinks, and also to do seva with correct attitude - to continue doing seva even if criticised, even if there is nothing to gain, or no one to praise you. Finally, after Bhai Jetha had rebuilt the platform for the seventh time, the Guroo looked at him and said, "As this platform pleases me, so do you"

Turning to his Sikhs, the Guroo said, "I have tested both of my son-in-laws. You have seen why Bhai Jetha is my most beloved. He is a perfect being who has come to save mankind." Soon after, the Guroo bestowed the spiritual crown on Bhai Jetha ji. Thereafter, he was called by his given name, Ram Das, and became the fourth Sikh Guroo, Guroo Ram Das ji.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Sakhi Series :- 202 (Lootna hai tau Loot le...)

Lootna hai tau Loot le...
(Source: By Kulbir Singh )

A guy called A. Singh was in dire need for money. He wandered here and there, tried many different things but could not succeed in improving his financial situation.

One day A. Singh was sitting in a park trying to relax after a very hard day. His face showed all his pain. A very mysterious person approached him and started the conversation:

"You look very distressed. Is everything okay?"

A. Singh looked up and saw this person who had very piercing eyes and said, "Never mind about my problems. No one can help me. God has given me very bad luck".

"What is wrong with your luck?"

"Why do you want to know? I don't think you can help me. I have met many who promised me the world but no one has been able to produce any results".

"I have helped many people like you. This is what I do for life. I help people in need and you seem like a good candidate for help. Have faith and tell me your problem."

"I am going through financial crisis. I am under massive debt and if I don't do anything very soon, I will lose my home, all my belongings and they may even take away my children and wife to work for them, till they get their money back. My son is waiting for an operation but I don't have money. He will die if I don't produce money. I have very little time and if I don't do anything, I will have no choice but to commit suicide". 

"Is that all? So all you need is money? I can arrange for as much money as you want. It is very simple".
"YOU CAN REALLY HELP ME? Please quickly tell me what you can do. I will do anything for you, if you can get me out of the financial crisis".

"I can take you to an enchanted garden where there is a very big building, full of money. You can collect as much as you want but you must share your money with me. My only condition is that you share your wealth with me. The minimum I need is a bag full of dollars. You can bring bags full of money from there".

A. Singh could not believe what he was hearing. For a moment he thought that this person was just lying to him but the seriousness of his face had A. Singh believe this man. A. Singh thought for a moment and said, "Why don't you go there yourself?"

"Only you can go there. I don't have access to that place."

"OKAY! FINE! I will not ask you the reason. What do I care? I only want money and that is it. Please take me there immediately."

"I must warn you of one thing. The place where we are going is highly enchanting. It is not as simple as just filling your bags. There is a lot of distraction there. If you don't stay focussed on the purpose of your visit, you will end up not getting anything from there."

"I also want to warn you to stay away from certain type of flowers and foods there. If you smell those flowers, you will forget your purpose of this visit. That garden is ruled by a very beautiful but vile lady. If you get seduced by that lady, then too you will forget your purpose of the visit." 

"Don't worry about that sir. I am in a very grave situation and there is no way I will forget the purpose of my visit. If I forget my purpose, I will endanger my family, lose all money and my son who is awaiting an operation will die".

They headed towards the enchanted garden and before entering the garden, the mysterious man again warned A. Singh. A. Singh entered the garden and saw the most beautiful flowers and trees he had ever seen. The dark green grass was very neatly cut. He saw a huge building surrounded by gigantic trees. He did not see anyone there. The view was so beautiful that A. Singh was losing his sense of urgency to accomplish his mission here. The more he looked at the scenery, more he was getting lost in the spectacular scenes.

He entered the building and saw loads of money all over the place. He decided to fill his bags with money and gold. Just as he was about to fill his bag, the wall in front of him got lightened up with some scenes. It was like a movie screen. The scene was like a movie and was a very intense scene. He kept watching it, and forgot to fill his bag with money. He would not have moved, if his beeper had not started beeping. He had asked the mysterious man to remind him of his purpose. As he heard the beeper, he again started filling his bag with money.

At every corner of the building there was a distraction for A. Singh. He could not move two steps before bumping into a distraction. Beautiful girls too arrived to entertain him and he found himself getting entangled in the wonders of the building. He had limited time. He had to be out of there in 8 hours. So far he had not collected anything. 

Eight hours passed by and A. Singh did not collect any money at all. All he had was a few coins in his pockets and a bag half filled. After 8 hours he was automatically ejected out of the enchanted garden. He came out empty handed. When he came out, he realized his mistake. He had lost a golden chance to better his financial situation. He was able to fill a small
bag of money but that was taken away by the Mysterious man who had sent him in. It was his commission. A. Singh was left with nothing. 

Please think! Are we all not acting like A. Singh? Gurbani clearly says that "LOOTNA HAI TAU LOOT LAE, RAAM NAAM HAI LOOT".

Couple of days as I was travelling back from work and I was talking to my Gursikh friend. We were talking about Naam. A pankiti came in my mind – LOOTNA HAI TAU LOOT LAE, RAAM NAAM HAI LOOT. I uttered it and we both discussed how Raam Naam is loot. Loot means to get something free of cost. We then realized how this pankiti pertains to our situation.

We have ample time and opportunity to japp naam but we don't. Then we came up with this story that I shared with you all. Our situation is just like A. Singh. We are in this enchanted land where we are supposed to take back to our homeland, bags full of Naam Dhan. But we don't! We indulge in the pleasures of this world. I am pretty sure that we will regret when we die. Gurbani says so. We will regret why we wasted so much time and did not japp naam. To do all pleasures at cost of Naam are futile. 

REMEMBER THAT EVERY BREATH THAT WE LOSE IS NOT COMING BACK. WE ARE NOT LOSING OUR BREATH BUT A CHANCE TO DO NAAM. Let us not let a single swaas go without naam. Pyaariyo aayo naam japeeye. 

Let us indulge in Naam. Whether our mind focuses or not, we should not stop doing naam. PLEASE START RIGHT NOW. JAPP NAAM, JAPP BANI.

Let us Create a sense of urgency to do naam. Without this sense of urgency, naam cannot be japped all the time.

(Bhai Nandlal Goiya)

(If the mann gets divine intelligence, mann can find yaar Vaheguru right inside. If the eye gets to the power to see, Vaheguru can be seen all over the place)

Let us make our mind - Daana. A Daana mind is developed by reading and understanding baani. A daana mann will indulge in naam. An Ahmak mann will indulge in pleasures. Choice is ours. Do we want a Daana Dil or Ahmak Dil.

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This year marks the 7th annual SikhNet Youth Online Film Festival. It all started in 2006 with the simple goal of engaging Sikh Youth to get creative with communicating through media.

Once again young directors from around the world have submitted their films to the 2012 Film Festival. The films range from revealing documentaries to moving dramas. Also, you can watch new films by directors from previous years who have improved their film making skills.

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This years prize winners will be announced next month. We will also announce the non-cash User's Choice Award. So watch now and be sure to comment and like your favorites!

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Sakhi Series :- 201 ( Three Questions )

Pir Dastgir and Guru Nanak Dev ji

(Source: ) 

Timeless Nirankaar (the Lord Waheguru), Himself came to earth in the form of Guru Nanak Dev ji. Guru Ji visited many countries to preach Divine message along with his companion Bhai Mardana ji, the Rebab player. 
1_Fir_Baba_GayaToday Guru Nanak Dev Ji came on the outskirts of the city of Baghdad. It was early morning. The cool breeze was blowing. The sky was blue and the sun was shining. Many people were passing by. For them it was time for early Naamaz (Muslim Pray). Guru ji started singing Divine Words, while Mardana started to play the Rebab.  Guruji then called the word "SATNAM" loudly in such a style that listening to which the whole city went into absolute silence in astonishment. Guru jis voice, full of Divine Melody, drew the attention of surrounding people of Bagdad.  

Bhai Gurdas ji said…Diti_Bang_Niwaj_Kar

It was a pure Divine bliss that calmed people's mind and soul. They were absorbed within their own consciousness. The news spread in the city like fire in the forest. Now where there is Amrit (ambrosial nectar), also present is the poison. This is the truth. Gurbani says:


Poison and nectar dwell together. Sandalwood trees are beautiful but snakes full of poison encircle them too.

Similarly while many people were getting blessed with Guru's Divine bliss also there were some people who started to argue and condemn the demoralising Divine Poetry in the musical form. Some even threw stones on Guruji, but Guru Nanak Dev ji continued singing the Divine Words(Keertan). The gentle strains of His music along with Divine words soothed their hearts. They forgot to throw stones at Him.  In the meantime approached their high priest Pir Dastgir. Pir Dastgir asked them to bring Guruji to his accommodation.

Shortly after that Guru Nanak was in Pir Dastgir's residence. Pir was sitting on his "PRICIOUS THRONE" while Guru ji was standing on the ground surrounded by many ordinary people. The holy man -Pir [Highest Priest] now began to question Guruji to give justification of what was happened in early morning.

Pir Dastgir asked, "O Hindi Faqir (Saint), why were you singing unprincipled and immoral musical verses on the sacred land of Bagdad? Don't you know that according to Muslim Shariat (code of law), music was forbidden? Which category of Faqir (Saint) do you belong to and what is your background?

Pir Dastgir further declared that music animates the passion and was regarded by Muslims as a means of bodily pleasure and vulgar joy and consequently banned in Islamic countries.

Guru Nanak Dev ji explained to Pir Dastgir the true function of music. Guruji stated, "Music is a powerful instrument of both good and evil. It melts the hearts and thus and can be a vehicle of spiritual inspiration.

God the great Musician has created the cosmic melody-the gentle rustle of the reeds (a thin strip of material which vibrates to produce a sound on a musical instrument) and waving plants, the murmur of the stream, the gushing of torrents, the humming of the bees, the constitutes the orchestra of nature. Love of music is a part of human nature. Whenever a person is happy or alone, he sings or hums a tune."

Why not use the natural characteristic for music for higher goals and values. Why not sing holy songs in praise of Allah, the Lord of the Universe! This kind of music attunes the individual soul to the Universal Soul. The corrupt passions of man are thus directed to sublime channels. As such, music can be used as an aid to spiritual fulfillment."

Pir Dastgir was greatly impressed by Guru ji's argument in favor of sacred music. He and his followers who wanted to lynch the Guru for the alleged crime against Islamic tradition became his admirers and friends.

Now Pir Dastgir came to a state of Humbleness and asked Guru Nanak Dev Ji,

"O Hindi Faqir, since the day I am meditating, there are three questions which always echo in my brain all the time.

  1. First question:-If the God (Khuda/Allah) has created the world, and then who had created GOD? Who was before God?
  2. Second Question:- Where does God (Allah) live?
  3. Third Question:-What does Khuda (Allah/God) do?

Question is always a burdon on anyone's mind. If a person is walking with lots of weight on head, then it is very hard to walk comfortably. Similarly if we have lots of question on our mind then we grow anxious, until a perfect answer is discovered.

Pir Dastgir had burden of questions too. When he judged Guru Nanak a potential of easing his mental load, he offered three questions to Guru Nanak and said,

"These questions have been constantly straining my mind for many years. In Islam we believe Allah lives seven skies above the earth and according to some in seven nether including earth itself. But I want you to explain about HIS existence"

Now Guru ji said, "Your questions are very valuable and priceless, but difficult too. I know you are a highly spiritual leader. I have heard that people has utmost respect for you and bring pearls, diamonds rubies and jewelries to offer you as obeisance. They bring lots of money to you and bow before you. They also pay respect by donating golden coins on your feet for sake of seeking answers to their sufferings. Now I want you to show me those pearls, diamonds rubies and jewelries? I want you to bring them to me before I answer your questions."

Pir Dastgir instantly had a current of shock waves flowing through his mind. He was now thinking, I have not yet received any answer to my questions, but payment is already being asked. But because he wanted to end his accumulated mental stress over the years, he ordered his disciples to bring a plate full of diamond, pears and gold coins to offer Guru Nanak in a hope he might get the answers.

Guruji now looked at Pir Dastgir and said, "Pir, I want you to count these diamonds one by one."

Pir was bit astonished but he stared counting as…

"1"  [Ek] ………  "2" [Do'] ……… "3" [Tin] ………….."4" [Char]

When Pir reached the count of FOUR, Guru ji stopped him and said, "You are not a good accountant, you lack basic counting skills."

Pir said, "I have counted correctly up to four"

But Guru Ji said, " Yes while counting up to "4" you made a mistake and I want you to recount."

He started counting again, "1"  [Ek] …….  "2" [Do'] ……… "3" [Tin] ………….."4" [Char]. Sooner when he reached the count four, Guru ji stopped him again and said," Pir, you are wrong again."

Pir grew bit angry but politely said, "I am going to recount again, just stop me to a point when you think I am wrong. I just want to know where the problem is, in my counting?" 
Satguru said, " Ok, I will tell you". 
Now he started counting as...... "1"  [Ek] ……. , Guruji stopped him and said, "Pir, start counting prior to "1"  [Ek]. 
Pir replied nervously, "How can I count prior to "1". Before "1"  [Ek], is NOTHING. I must start with 1". 
Guru Nanak Dev ji said, "YES". "1" …  Ek Onkar. There is nothing before "1". 
He is only ONE. Everything start from "1". 
One is HIM. 
He is seed, the origin, the primal Lord."

Guru ji recited Mool Mantar and said it is a seed. Nothing is beyond this. It is the primal truth that the creator is "1"  [Ek]. It is the foundation of the whole world and beyond..

"There is only but ONE God, the Eternal Truth, Almighty Creator, and Unfearful, without Hate and Enmity, Immortal Entity, Unborn, Self-Existent. The ONE who was True before the creation, The One Who was True in the beginning of the creation, The One Who is True now, and O Nanak, The One Who shall be True forever".

WOW!!!!!, said Pir. He was so happy and satisfied, so were the people around him. Pir grew so emotional and came from a state of ego to a state of humbleness and politely offered second question to Guru Nanak,

"Hey, Nanak, this seed who is the creator of this world and after, where does He live? Where would we search Him? In our Islam it is said that He live in seven skies above the earth."

Guru Ji came into blessing mood and asked Dastgir to tell someone fetch a pot full of Milk. The pot full of milk was offered to Guru Nanak instantly. Guruji now was focusing His blessed vision upon milk very anxiously and said,

"Pir, there is something in it."

Pir got so worried and started thinking that some notorious person may have added something into it. But Pir knew his followers were very kind to him and will not do anything wrong against his will. So said, "O Hindi Faqir, there is nothing in it, I am so sure."

Guruji, "There is something in it" 
"What is it, then, tell us please?" asked Pir. 
Guru ji said, "Butter!!!!! Now you show me where is it? Can you see it? Simply tell me yes or no."

Pir Dastgir was a highly spiritual saint so he instantly agreed with Guruji and said, "Yes, there is surely "Butter" in it but it is not visible".


Each and every drop of milk contains butter and also the fire is contained in all firewood. Similarly in each and every living being resides HIM. God's Light is contained in the high and the low; the Lord lives in the hearts of all beings. He is pervaded and saturated in each and every heart. The Perfect Lord is completely permeating everyone, everywhere; He created the Creative Power of the Universal energy, within which He dwells.

HIS creative power resides in Nature. 
He is saturated in to water, land, and sky; He Himself is All-pervading. 
His Creative Power is omnipresent, in all form and color

Pir was listening very carefully to Guruji's Divine Message and was so thrilled. He was so happy again and fully convinced with Guru's answers and asked his final question,

"Nanak, such a powerful God, what does it do? What is His profession"?

Guru Nanak Ji smiled and replied,

                                         "Dastgir, you can carry on asking me questions and I will be answering them one by one with Divine Knowledge. But now I am thinking that you are insulting Allah, Divine power. God has its shape in Divine Knowledge (Shabad). [Waho Waho Guru's Shabad is the creator itself). His true picture is, contemplation (study and understanding) of Shabad. His power is in His Shabad. I am thinking that you are not respecting the Divine Words coming out of my mouth. You yourself are sitting at a higher place in a "Precious Throne" and listening to "Divine Message" about Him. This is principally and ethically wrong".

By now, listening to Guru's soothing words had already melted at Dastgir's mind. His heart was pierced by Guru' spoken words and gently asked, "Nanak, what should I do, then?"

"Just do what you actually should do, come out of your Throne and walk down to a ground level. I will sit in your throne. You can then ask as many questions you want and I will answer them all." Guruji Replied.

This is rule/principle of the world; teacher/judge always sits at higher place or in a higher chair.

Dastgir thought, this business is not that expensive. I want to gain Divine knowledge and Nanak wants to give me without any cost. By replacing seat for a moment is not going do any harm. I must exchange sitting locations, as I needed answers to my questions that had been bugging my mind for many years now. This is the time to receive ultimate peace for my mind and soul.

Pir Dastgir came down and sat at the level of Guruji's feet and Satguru Nanak was now sitting in his Throne. Dastgir Pir asked his final question with full devotion and love,

"Nanak, Tell me quickly, what does He do?

Guruji replied, "Dastgir…….. This is what He [Allah/Waheguru] does. A person who sits on the Throne, brings him down and person who is on the ground, place him at the higher place."


  • God changes the beggar into a king, and the king into a beggar.
  • God makes idiotic fool to be transformed into a Pandit (Superior), a religious scholar, and the Pundit (Superior), into a fool.
  • God assumes so many forms, and plays so many games, and yet, He remains detached from it all.
  • God makes laughing people cry, and crying people to laugh.
  • God fills what is empty, and empties what is full - such are His ways. He Himself spread out the expanse of His Maya, and He Himself beholds it.  Make people die and bring dead in to life.
  • God makes business profitable and profitable to bear losses.

This is HIS task. This is His profession. No one knows the state of the Lord that how incalculable, infinite, incomprehensible and immaculate is He, who is a mystery to the entire world. All we can do is that Cast off all our doubts and pray by focus our consciousness on His Feet i.e. Guru Shabad.

Dastgir was so satisfied. Tears were flowing through his eyes. Guruji's Divine messages were saturated in his heart and he fell on to Guruji's feet. The throne on which Dastgir enshrined Guru Nanak Dev ji was called "Amar Singhasan" and still situated in Bagdad. Pir Dastgir had a board and fixed on the throne with the following Label:

"Rabul Majeed Hazrat Baba Nanak"

Its translation: The Blessed Messenger of God, Hazarat Baba Nanak.


Gurudwara in Bagdad, Iraq where the whole incident took place, 1511AD...