Saturday, April 04, 2009

Sakhi Series :- 125 ( Budhu da Aawa Kachha )

Budhu da Aawa : Lahore

Buddhu Shah was a resident of Lahore and was a big businessman. His work was to get bricks that had been molded and baked in kilns by labourers, and then sell them on.

Once, when Buddhu Shah had a large order for bricks, he went to Guroo Arjan Dev Jee and asked that Guroo Jee may bless that all the bricks placed in his newly started kilns would be well baked.

Guru said let the sangat pray to Akal Purakh for its success. After the prayers there was langer, the free kitchen as well. Bhai Lakkhu (also called Bhai Kamliya) was late to arrive at Langar and food by that time had run out.

Seeing the torn dress of Bhai Lakhu, Buddhu Shah who happened to be at the gate, ordered Bhai Lakhu to go away, saying that he would not be given food, as he was too late. Bhai Lakhu remained standing outside the closed gate requesting to have atleast Guru Jis Darshan. But budhdu did not allow the sikh to come in.

Out of innocence Bhai Lakhu ji uttered "BUDHU DA AAWA KACHHA"

Alas, when the lot was finally opened it was found to be half baked. Disappointed Budhu approached Guru sahib again for asking what to do, the Guru said that he could not alter what had been uttered by a devout Sikh (bhagat) but since Bhai Buddu Shah was sorry and had seeked forgiveness from Bhai Lakhu Guru ji assured Bhai Budhu that these bricks would be sold at the rate of quality bricks.

sabh ko thaerai vas agam agocharaa || thoo bhagathaa kai vas bhagathaa thaan thaeraa ||10||

Everyone is under Your power, O inaccessible, unfathomable Lord.

You are under the control of Your devotees; You are the strength of Your devotees. ||10||

- Guru Granth Sahib Ji, Ang 962

It so happened that in that year the demand for bricks soared so high that all the bricks of Bhai Buddha were sold at good price.

The Gurudwara Bhai Buddhu Da Awa is located on the Lahore-Amritsar (Grand Trunk) road facing the Engineering University.