Monday, February 25, 2013

Sakhi Series :- 212 ( Let’s Live like Flowers )

Let's Live like Flowers

Guru Nanak Dev ji was the first Guru of the Sikhs. He considered himself to be a humble servant of the one true God and the people called him to be Guru – Teacher. There are many stories and incidents connected with him. Each of these gives us some moral. If we could follow even one of his teachings, we would be able to become much better human beings. Here is one of these incidents, which happened in the city of Multan, now in Pakistan.

There were many peers and fakeers residing in the city of Multan, and each of them had a number of followers. One day, a man came rushing to the house of the peer whom he regarded as his teacher. He seemed to be in a very agitated and disturbed state of mind. The peer asked him what was the matter.

The man replied," Sir, I saw Guru Nanak Dev outside the city of Multan. It seems that he is coming to this city. Do you know who he is? I have heard people say that he is not some simple fakeer. Whoever has seen him and listened to his discourses seems to be captivated by him. Many people impressed by his eloquence have become his followers. It is also said that he has some kind of magical powers and with his prowess he captures the minds of the people and makes them his disciples. He has traveled a lot. He has visited the religious places of the Hindus, the Muslims, and the Bodhis. He has also held sessions with the Sanyasis. He is equally popular amongst the Hindus and the Muslims, the sanyasis, the peers, the fakeers and even the common people. It seems that the people are smitten with him. I don't think he should be allowed to enter our city. I fear that he will enchant the residents of Multan with his sorcery. Please Sire, I beg you to do something and prevent such a man from entering our city."

On hearing this the peer smiled at the man and replied," Son, there is no need for you to worry. I have heard a lot about Guru Nanak Dev and know that he is very wise and compassionate saint. He doesn't differentiate among people on the basis of religion, caste, creed, color or status. He has a companion named Mardana who is a Muslim. He plays the rabab when Guru Nanak sings divine hymns. Guru Nanak Dev ji is truly a sage and a loved one of God. Therefore let us go and welcome him to the city of Multan."

When the man heard this he pacified a little and followed the peer to meet Guru Nanak Dev ji. They met the Guru on the outskirts of Multan. They greeted each other and the peer offered a bowl full of milk upto the brim, which he had brought along with him to Guru ji.

Guru Nanak Dev ji smiled at the peer understandingly and gently placed a jasmine flower in the milk. The flower floated on the surface of the milk but it did not cause any of the milk to be spilled. On seeing this, the peer bowed in front of Guru ji and bade him farewell.

The disciple of the peer was very confused about what took place between Guru ji and the peer. He questioned the peer about it. The peer explained to the man, "I took the bowl of milk filled up to the brim to Guru Nanak Dev to show him that there are many peers and fakeers in the city of Multan. There is no place for another one so he should not come to the city. But the great Guru proved his wisdom by putting the jasmine flower in the milk. By this he meant that like none of the milk spilled due to the flower, none of the peers or fakeers will be displaced because of him. He will just stay in the city for some time and like the flower spread the fragrance of his wisdom among the residents of Multan. He is truly a saint and a very learned man."

We should also live like the jasmine flower and never cause any harm or trouble to any other living being