Saturday, August 08, 2015

Sakhi Series :- 261 ( Bhai Malla and Bhai Lahoura Singh)

Gooroo and Peer assist only to that man who does not procure his livelihood by unlawful means.
(Source : Sakhi Book Guru Gobind Singh ji by Sardar Attar Singh)

​Once in the month of Bhado, the raining season, when it was night, the Gooroo went on the top of his house to sleep. There was a certain servant of the Gooroo called
Bhai Lahoura Singh, who owed a certain sum of money to a banker called Malla Singh, who was now in reduced circumstances, but was possessed of modesty, Malla Singh asked every day for the payment of debt due by Lahoura Singh, but Lahoura Singh took no notice of it and evaded him. One night Malla Singh was induced by his wife and being much vexed, went to Lahoura Singh's house and quarrelled with him, Lahoura Singh said, it is not a matter of anxiety, if a Sikh has consumed another Sikh's property.

Gooroo has allowed every one to eat, drink, and be merry, and every one gets as is allotted to him by God. Hearing this Malla Singh said to not become violent, those who act falsely will be punished in the next world, and will be beaten before the Yama (the Judge of the deceased ones). They will then weep and repent. The debtor then said no one will call for account when the Gooroo will forgive.

The Gooroo, as he was lying down in bed on the top of his house, heard this conversation (for that house of Lahoura Singh was closed to Gooroo's house) and thought himself that my Skh has made himself positive on wrong points and has thrown his burden upon the Gooroo. He has learnt the verse, but has acted very little upon it. The Gooroo then spoke out and gave the following three answers to Lahoura Singh's remarks.

1. A man eating out of his brother's pocket should not become his enemy, but should remain under the command of his brother.
2. The Gooroo makes a man reap according to his own acts.
3. Baba Nanak has said that another man's due is like cow-flesh to Hindoos and like hog-flesh to Mahammedan.

Gooroo and Peer assist only to that man who does not procure his livelihood by unlawful means. Lahoura Singh hearing this, was pressed, and paid off his debt on the following morning, after which he went to the Gooroo and having made a bow before him said, Gooroo the forgiver please take me back. Gooroo Ji we are sinners who dont walk on the path of Truth. We have families and forget that this world is false" 
Gooroo Ji with a laugh said, "Dont do any wrong to anyone," always follow the teachings of the Gooroo. Then Gooroo Ji had him sit with him to teach and all the Sikhs sitting there were also listening.