Saturday, August 02, 2014

Sakhi Series :- 251 (The Discourse Between Shah Sharaf And Sree Guru Nanak Dev Jee)

Guru Nanak Dev Jee on his travels to the west met a Fakir by the name of Shah Sharaf. The Fakir had been harbouring many questions and was looking for someone to put his mind to rest. Seeing Guru Nanak Dev Jee he took the opportunity to conclude his search. Only a true Fakir could satisfy him and answer his questions. 

The following is the discourse that originally took place in Farsi between Shah Sharaf and Sree Guru Nanak Dev Jee. The questions and answers were short but the meanings are very deep. There is a lot to be learnt from this conversation. 

(Note Q: are questions from Shah Sharaf and A: are answers from Sree Guru Nanak Dev Jee) 
Q : What is the beginning for a Fakir (recluse) ? 
A : The beginning for a Fakir is to destroy ones self 

Q: Where does Fakiree end? 
A: The end is God 

Q: What is the Key? 
A: The Key is abyass/repetition (without this the door will not open) 

Q: What are the chains? (to keep you away from falling) 
A: Bandagi/worship are the chains that will save you 

Q: Which is the tomb? (where one shall place himself to rest safely) 
A: Modesty is the place to reside (this is the only place which gives peace) 

Q: Which is the Chest? (where all the treasures reside) 
A: Sat Sangat is the chest (where all the treasures and jewels lie) 

Q: What is the Light (that shows us the way) 
A: Gian/knowledge (from Guru Jee is the light) 

Q: What brings expansion/increment? 
A: Understanding/learning (is the only commodity worth expanding/increasing) 

Q: What is happiness? 
A: Didar/Sight (of the supreme Lord is the only thing that can bring true happiness) 

Q: Which is the Food? 
A: Contentment is the Food (nothing else can fill someone) 

Q: Which is the Robe/Garment (to be worn)? 
A: Truthfulness (only this can cover you gracefully) 

Q: What is the necklace of a Fakir? 
A: To live whilst being dead (to remember death is the necklace) 

Q: Which is the smoke for the Fakirs? 
A: Firm wisdom and a Firm placement is the Smoke 

Q: What brings benefit? 
A: Oneness 

Q: What is used to cover the head? 
A: To live in the will (of the Lord) 

Q: Which is the home? 
A: Being untroubled is the home 

Q: What are the words? (to be spoken) 
A: Truth 

Q: Which is the boat? (to ferry us across) 
A: Good deeds are your boat 

Q: Which is the loincloth/underwear to be worn? (to protect against sexual desires) 
A: Chastity is the underwear (for a true Fakir) 

Q: What is Liberation? 
A: Faith (To give your head but not your Faith) 

Q: What is Life? 
A: It is 'Just' 

Q: What is existence/being? 
A: To be able to relate to all in existence 

Q: Which are the arms? 
A: To befriend (other true seekers) 

Q: Which is the position? 
A: To be like the joint in Iron 

Q: What is a Journey? 
A: A hold of air