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Sakhi Series : 73 (Three Holy Men)

Three Holy Men

(Source: Book à From the heart )


man maaeiaa mai fadhh reh iou bisariou go bi(n)dh naam ||

The mortal is entangled in Maya; he has forgotten the Name of the Lord of the Universe.


kahu naanak bin har bhajan j eevan kounae k aam ||30||

Says Nanak, without meditating on the Lord, what is the use of this human life? ||30||

- Guru Granth Sahib ji - 1428


Bhai Blissful Singh jee, Bhai Wonderful Singh jee and Bhai Is-he-a Singh jee were three gursikhs.


Once they were discussing dasvand (a tenth of a Sikhs earnings offered to the Guru) and Bhai Blissful Singh jee said,

"I don't like counting money at all. So taking out dasvand was a hassle for me, until I discovered a very nice way to share the money with guru jee."


Bhai Wondeful Singh jee said, "waheguru waheguru - And what - waheguru waheguru - might that - waheguru - be, pyare - waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru - Blissful Singh jee?"

"I just draw a star shape on the floor. It's radius is of 10 inches. Then I stand 10 inches away from the star and throw all the money towards it. The money that lands inside the star is the guru and the rest is mine."


Bhai Wonderful Singh jee said, "Wonderful - wahe wahe wahe wahe... - idea. Actually, great minds - waheguru waheguru - think alike. I too do the same, except I draw a circle of 10 inches – waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru".


Saying that both of them starting crying out of love for waheguru.


After their tears had dried up, they both looked at Bhai Is-he-a Singh jee.

Now, Bhai Is-he-a Singh jee was a curious holy man. They had never seen him actually sitting down for simran - although, he would talk about Naam all the time and would make up naam-related stories on the spot.


When asked why he was always sleeping during amrit vela, he would roll his eyes up and reply,"O Saints, my spiritual state is such that sleep and simran are same to me. I do simran in sleep and sleep in simran."


Being quite intoxicated in naam, both Bhai Blissful Singh jee and Bhai Wonderfult Singh jee would nod their heads and do more "waheguru waheguru..."


When Bhai Is-he-a Singh was asked why he watched TV so much, he would again roll his eyes and say, "O Beloved ones, I see waheguru in all. TV allows me to see many wahegurus at the same time."


On the question on why the TV show "Bay Watch" was his favorite show, he would say, "O saints, waheguru is in each grain of sand. In "Bay Watch" I see millions of waheguru all at once."   (For those of us who are innocent, "Bay Watch" is a TV show in which people run around on the beach).


Anyways, asked about dasvand, Bhai Is-he-a Singh jee replied, "Sikho, I just throw all my money in the air. The amount that the guru wants, the guru keeps. The rest he throws right back."


waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru..

waheguru waheguru waheguru..

waheguru …


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2) Dya Singh ji Sukhmani Simran 1 :



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Sakhi Series : 72 (Guru Nanak and Kaljug Pandit)

Correcting Kaljug Pandit

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This incident took place in 1510 (during Guru Nanak Sahib jis first preaching odyssey - Udasi) . A Brahmin named 'Kalyug' had made his abode there. He was a learned man beside being very rich. Many pilgrims were his followers and often stayed in his Dera (Camp).

This Pandit was swindling the gullible people who were not aware of what the true religion was. Many rich persons who visited him were more interested in knowing about their future life or the life hereafter. They would feel happy listening to good and favourable stories about themselves. Pleased with such fables, they would make handsome offerings to him.

In Jagannath Puri, where Satguru ji condemned the ritualistic. Aarti (A form of prayer in temples), he also unmasked the deeds of 'Kalyug' pandit. Kalyug Pandit was sitting in meditative mood while many devotees were surrounding him. He had a small pitcher (jug) like metallic container placed in his front in which the pilgrims were putting their offerings. He would close his eyes for sometime and open them again.

Sometimes he would close one of his nostrils, either right or left with his hand. Then he would suddenly declare that he is seeing Vishnu Bhagwan in the heaven. Similarly he would claim an audience with other gods and his visits to Brahmpuri (Abode of Brahma) and Shivpuri (Abode of Shivji). The devotees were listening to all his claims with rapt silence and expected that soon he would take them to the divine trip too. He then asked all those present to shut their eyes and perceive the heaven in their minds, and he would help them see it.

When all those present there closed their eyes, Guru ji signalled Bhai Mardana to pick up the small pitcher like container from his front and hide it behind him in a bush. When the ' Panda ' opened his eyes, he did not see the container in his front. He was beside himself with rage and started shouting loudly and asking who had taken his small container. "Don't crack jokes with the Saints. We don't crave for money... etc.", he said. The pilgrims in his attendance were also surprised. Hearing his shouts, many more people gathered around. Guru ji stepped forward and said, "Pandit ji, you were able to see Brahmpuri, Shivpuri and Vishnupuri, why don't you look around in this Universe ? You may be able to locate where the container is lying". Hearing these remarks the 'Panda' vexed still more. Some present also said, "Pandit ji, you were seeing the divine abode but now you can't find your small pitcher. How could it be ?" People understood the deceit of the Pandit.

Guru ji well disclosed his beguile and advised people that those who sit in meditative postures, closing their eyes, nose and ears were not to be trusted. They were like herons who stood still on one leg in the water to pounce upon at fish and frogs. Here was that 'Pandit' who could see the divine abodes but could not spot his money container lying behind him.

Guru ji further explained that these were the tricks used by the imposters to swindle people of their hard earned money. Satguru ji explained to all the pilgrims that remembering God is the right path of this life. All other ritualistic actions are not worship but acts of impressing people.

Kalyug Panda was highly impressed by the personality of Guru ji and his sermons. He requested Guru ji to honour him with his stay in his abode. Guru ji agreed and during this period apprised him with the true path.

Dhanaasaree, First Mehla, Third House:


One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru:

No, no, this is not the time, when people know the way to Yoga and Truth.

The holy places of worship in the world are polluted, and so the world is drowning. ||1||

In this Dark Age of Kali Yuga, the Lord's Name is the most sublime.

Some people try to deceive the world by closing their eyes and holding their nostrils closed. ||1||Pause||

They close off their nostrils with their fingers, and claim to see the three worlds.

But they cannot even see what is behind them. What a strange lotus pose this is! ||2||

The K'shatriyas have abandoned their religion, and have adopted a foreign language.

The whole world has been reduced to the same social status; the state of righteousness and Dharma has been lost. ||3||

They analyze eight chapters of (Panini's) grammar and the Puraanas. They study the Vedas,

but without the Lord's Name, no one is liberated; so says Nanak, the Lord's slave. ||4||1||6||8||

-         Guru Granth Sahib ji – pg 662

The holymen and religious leaders of today are no different than the Pandit described above. These people have adopted the Sikh externalities and have initiated many false hoods in the name of religion and are leading a luxurious life under its cover. Barring a few, most of our preachers and self appointed saints are duping the people and  collecting money/wealth from them through deceitful means.

With Gurbani available to the Sikhs, no Sikh should fall in their trap. It is the duty of all the Sikhs to remember the advise of the Guru given in this hymn and keep themselves away from the impostors and  cheaters.



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Sakhi Series :- 71 ( Bhai Lehna to Guru Angad)

Sakhi: Bhai Lehna to Guru Angad Dev Ji

There are many sakhis(stories) about the obedience of Bhai Lehna ji, telling us how he gave up his ego and followed the path shown by the Guru. He was never reluctant to do what the Guru wanted the Sikhs, the disciples, to do. The sakhis given below tell us about the sincere love and commitment of Bhai Lehna for the Guru.

s aevaa karath h oe n ihakaam ee ||

One who performs selfless service, without thought of reward,

th is ko ho th paraapath s uaamee ||

shall attain his Lord and Master.

(- Guru Granth Sahib – pg 286)

1) Once an unusual congregation of devotees assembled at Kartarpur, where ceaseless rain continued for three days. Guru ji looked towards his sons Baba Sri Chand and Lakhmi Das and said, "O dear sons! Ration is exausted, devotees are to be served. Climb up the acacia (Kikar) Tree and shake it up, so that the eatables drop for the serving". Both the sons laughed away the idea and refused to carry out the command. To comply the wishes of his divine master, Bhai Lehna at once climbed and shook the tree. And lo behold! The eatables started dropping in plenty.

2) One day while working in the rice fields, some grass growing in the crop was removed. It was to be fed to the animals in the house. The Guru asked his sons, Bhai Sri Chand and Bhai Lakhmi Chand to carry the bundle home. They declined to do that because the muddy water dripping from the wet roots of the grass would spoil their clothes. When the Guru looked towards Bhai Lehna, he immediately picked up the bundle of grass and brought it home. As they entered the house, the Guru's wife said with great concern: "Sire! See how his fine clothes are stained with mud!" Guru Nanak looked back and said, "Mud! Seest thou not, good lady! He bears the burden of suffering humanity. They are not mud stains, they are the sacred saffron-anointing's ! The Heaven anoints him, he is a Guru."

3) Once Guru Nanak Dev was taking a bath and while doing so, the cup he used for pouring water on his body slipped and rolled into a pit containing dirty water. When asked to take out the cup, the sons of the Guru advised him to get that dirty job done by someone else. Bhai Lehna, however, did not mind at all. He put his hand in the dirty water, took out the cup, cleaned it and handed it over to the Guru.

The thorough destruction of his ego and his complete obedience to the Guru made Bhai Lehna suitable to be chosen as the second Nanak. Before leaving for heavenly abode, Guru Nanak Dev passed on the responsibility of the guruship to Bhai Lehna Guru Nanak then blessed Lehna with his ang (hand) and gave him a new name, Angad, saying "you are a part of my body"

aa p sachaa sabh sach h ai gur sabadh b ujh aaee ||

He Himself is True, and everything is True; this is revealed through the Word of the Guru's Shabad.

th aeree s aev aa so kar ae j is no l aih i thoo l aaee ||

He alone serves You, whom You have enjoined to do so.

b in saev aa k inai n p aae iaa dhoo jai bharam kh uaaee ||3||

Without serving Him, no one finds Him; in duality and doubt, they are ruined. ||3||

s o kio manah u v isaar eeai n ith dhae vai charr ai savaa eiaa ||

How could we forget Him from our minds? The gifts which he bestows increase day by day.

j eeo pi(n)dd sabh th is dh aa saah u th inai v ich p aaeiaa ||

Soul and body, all belong to Him; He infused the breath into us.

j aa kirap aa kar ae thaa s aev eeai sae v sach samaae iaa ||4||

If he shows His Mercy, then we serve Him; serving Him, we merge in Truth. ||4||

(- Guru Granth Sahib – pg 1011)

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Sakhi Series: 70 ( Bhai Lehna ji meeting Guru Nanak Dev ji)

Bhai Lehna ji meeting Guru Nanak Dev ji


sach m i lai sach oo paj ai sach mehi saach sam aa e ||

Meeting the True One, Truth wells up. The truthful are absorbed into the True Lord.


s u rath ho vai path oogavai g urabachan ee bho khaa e ||

Intuitive understanding is obtained and one is welcomed with honor, through the Guru's Word, filled with the Fear of God.

- Guru Granth Sahib ji – pg17


Guru Nanak Dev founded a new village and named it Kartarpur.   The Guru used to do farming there.  He held his daily satsang(congregation) with the people in the village to tell them about God and the goal of human life.   Bhai Lehna ji, a resident of village Khadur, believed in the worship of the goddess. 

One early morning at village Sangar, Bhai Lehna went for a bath in the nearby stream, where he saw Bhai Jodha, a Sikh of Guru Nanak, singing the hymns of his Guru (Asa-ki-Vaar) after having his bath. When Bhai Lehna heard these serene and divine heart touching hymns, he was captivated and filled to the brim with ecstasy. He enquired about this spiritual composition from Bhai Jodha, who assigned this divine verse to Guru Nanak, whose present abode was at Kartarpur.

Bhai Lehna with his heart full of divine attraction immediately made up his mind to have holy glimpses of Guru Nanak while going to the Goddess' pilgrimage with his fellow worshippers. As usual, on the way they halted for the night about 5 miles from Kartarpur. Bhai Lehna took leave of the group and proceeded towards Kartarpur for having Holy glimpses (darshan) of the Guru.

Simultaneously, Guru Nanak left his Holy seat to receive Bhai Lehna:

Charan saran Gur ek painda jaaeh chal, Satgur kot paindaa aageh hoeh layt hai
If you take one step towards the Guru, The Guru will take millions of steps to welcome you.

- Bhai Gurdas ji

On the way Bhai Lehna, riding on his horseback, came across an old man with a spiritual glowing face, from whom he inquired about the abode of Guru Nanak. The gentle old man asked Bhai Lehna to follow him. On reaching the destination, the old man told Bhai Lehna, to tie the horse on the corner and enter the holy abode (satsang). The Holy Old man, being Guru Nanak himself, entered from the other side and immediately sat on his seat, where the congregation was reciting the divine hymns.

While entering the abode, Bhai Lehna, in a state of trance, fell on the feet of Guru Nanak. Guru ji lifted his head with divine affection. As soon as Bhai Lehna glanced at the divine radiating face of Guru Nanak, he felt shocked, humiliated and tears rolled down his cheeks. Guru Nanak patted him and asked for the reason for his tears. He replied that he had committed a great sin that being a disciple; he was riding on the horseback, whereas his holy master was leading him on foot. On hearing this, Guru Ji asked his name and he replied that the humble servant was called Lehna (meaning "
the dues to be collected" in Punjabi). Guru Nanak affectionately told him with a divine smile that a person who is a 'creditor' (lehna) always comes to the debtor on horseback, whereas the debtor always approaches the creditor on foot.

Bhai Lehna could not understand this divine prophecy for forthcoming happenings( ie he would one day be the Guru succeeding Guru Nanak). At night, Bhai Lehna had a vision of a beautiful lady, wearing red cloths and sweeping the abode of Guru Nanak. On enquiry, she replied that she was the same Goddess, whom he used to visit every year for blessings. The reply left Bhai Lehna wonderstruck. Then the Goddess gently explained that there was no need for Bhai Lehna to feel depressed. This was the abode of Almighty Lord from where she gets every thing and distributes them to her devotees. This divine vision left deep imprint upon his mind and he thanked Almighty Lord, who had brought him on to his real abode.

Next day, after waiting for a long time, fellow pilgrims came to Bhai Lehna and asked him to lead the group for pilgrimage. He humbly brushed aside their persuasions and told them that he had found the divine abode, which he was searching for, all his life. Now, he won't go anywhere.

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