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Sakhi Series :- 108 ( Guru Angad Sahib Ji and King Humayun)

Guru Angad Sahib Ji and King Humayun

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Humayun was the only son of Babur, who was the king of Delhi. When Babur died, Humayun became the king. He was lazy and weak. So one of his officers, named Sher Shah, rose against him. There was a battle in which Humayun was defeated and Sher Shah became the king of Delhi. Humayun had to run away to save his life. On his way to Lahore, he had to pass by Khadur, where Guru Angad Sahib Ji lived. He wanted to become king once again, so he went to Khadur to see the Guru and ask for his blessing.

When Humayun reached the Guru's house, Guru Angad Dev ji was busy teaching students. Therefore, he did not notice the king. The king was upset. He did not like waiting. He thought "How dare the Guru not show any respect to the King!" This feeling made him very angry. In a fit of anger, he drew out his sword to kill the Guru. In the meantime the Guru had finished his prayers and was ready to listen to the king. Seeing what the king was about to do, he smiled and said, "You are brave enough to draw your sword to kill or frighten the peace-loving people. Why didn't you use it in the battlefield, from which you come running like a coward? Your sword did not work in the battlefield, but now suddenly you seem to have become a brave fighter." Humayun felt ashamed. He begged the Guru's pardon.

"I am very sorry, sir," he said, "I really lost my head. You know that Guru Nanak was kind enough to bless my father, who became the king of Delhi. I am no good, because I've lost the throne to Sher Shah. Your blessing alone can make me the king once again. Please have mercy on me and bless me."

The Guru kept quiet for some time. "My blessing has no magic,' he said smilingly. 'To be a king means to be kind, just and helpful to the people. If you promise to do that, you will be a king with God's grace. Be patient and always remember God, who grants all wishes." Humayun hurried away to Persia determined to act upon the Guru's Advice.

After a few years, he gathered his soldiers and also received help from the king of Persia. He came back to India with a very large army and this time, he and his soldiers fought very bravely. Humayun won the battle and became the king of Delhi once again. Humayun was full of gratitude towards the Guru and he wanted to do him a favour, but by that time Guru Angad Sahib Ji had left the human body. Guru Amar Das ji had become the third Guru of the Sikhs. The Guru sent a message reminding the king to be kind and good to his people and to respect holy men. Sometime later, Akbar, the son of Humayun, visited Guru Amar Das ji and offered help for the Guru's Langar.

"The Lord can make the blind see clearly; He treats Man as He knows him, no matter what one may say. Where the truth is not seen, know that pride is strong there. Nanak, how shall a man buy anything if he likes it not." -(Guru Angad Dev ji)

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Sakhi Series :- 107 ( Guru Jee and Sayt)

ddeegan ddolaa thoo lo jo man kae bharamaa ||

As long as there are doubts in the mind, the mortal staggers and falls.


bhram kaattae gur aapanai paaeae bisaraamaa ||1||

The Guru removed my doubts, and I have obtained my place of rest. ||1||

- Guru Granth Sahib Ji, Ang 400


A millionaire called Sayt, went to see Guru Nanak jee. Guru jee asked him, "How much money have you got?"

He said, "40 million Rupees." Another Sikh said, "O protector of the poor,
Gareeb Nivaaj, Guru jee he has got nothing."

Guru jee asked him why he had lied. He said, "I'm telling you the truth Guru jee."

Guru jee then asked him how many sons he had. Sayt answered, "Guru jee, I have one son." The other Sikh said, "Guru jee he's lying again, he has got 5 sons."

Guru jee said , "Sayt why are you lying?" Sayt said, "Why would I lie to you Guru jee?"

Sayt was 60 years old he had a white beard. Guru jee asked him how old he was, he took out his dairy and started flicking back the pages he answered, "Guru jee, by your grace I'm 12 years old."

Guru jee said, "What are you saying Sayt? You are obviously over 60."

Sayt put both hands together and said, "Guru jee I told you the truth. You asked me how much money I had, well I've had 40 million Rupees in my life which I've given away and I'm left with only 1 million."

Guru jee said, "Forgive me Sayt for doubting you, your answer was true. Sayt is true.'

Sayt said, "Next you asked me how many sons I had, I said one, it is true I have five sons but four are drunks only one is beloved of Guru jee, he is sensible and loves his parents. Then Guru jee, I said I was 12 years old because that's how many hours of service, meditation and holy congregation (Seva, Simran and Sadh-Sangat) I've done. Every time I do one of these I note the duration. That's what I regard as my age, that amount of time will be taken into account not my body's age."

Guru jee said, "Sayt is true."

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Sakhi Series :- 106 ( Kaka Hakikat Rai Singh)

Kaka Hakikat Rai Singh

Sikhs do not lie, even if they have to die.

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maaeiaa mohu jalaaeae so har sio chith laaeae har dhar mehaleesobhaa paavaniaa ||1|| rehaao ||
Those who burn away this attachment to Maya, and focus their consciousness on the Lord are honored in the True Court, and the Mansion of the Lord's Presence. ||1||Pause||

Guru Granth Sahib, Ang 129

The people of Punjab, both Hindus and Muslims, rose against the terrorist rule of the Nawab (Governor) of Sirhind.  The Nawab was killed in 1710, i.e., just half a decade after he murdered the two innocent sons of Guru Gobind Singh.  This brought a rule of peace and justice in the area of Punjab, east of Amritsar.


To again take over the control of Punjab from Banda Singh Bahadur, a strong army was sent from Delhi.  The army generals feared to fight a battle with Banda, hence they tricked him with the pretension of having a dialogue with him for peace.  They unarmed him and arrested him.  His 700 men were also made prisoners along with a teenage boy, Hakikat Rai.  All of them were taken to Delhi and asked to surrender to the Emperor.  They refused bluntly.  The government ordered the murder of everyone.  About 100 Sikhs were murdered every day near Chandni Chauk, Delhi.


The mother of Hakikat Rai, whose only support and hope of life was her son, submitted a petition to the government to save the life of the boy.  She narrated that her son was not a Sikh but was there in the Sikh camp when he was arrested.  The Emperor ordered the release of the boy if the boy himself denied being a Sikh.  The mother dashed with the release orders to the place where the Sikhs were being murdered.  Her son was still waiting for his turn to be killed.  Presenting the Farman - the order of the emperor - to the Kazi (Judge) supervising the murdering of the Sikhs, she requested the release of her son.


The Kazi called Hakikat Rai and asked him if he was a Sikh.  The boy replied that he certainly was a Sikh.  His mother intervened and told the Kazi that the boy was her son and she knew that he was not a Sikh.  The boy emphasized that he was a committed Sikh.  The son and the mother started arguing with each other.  Khafi Khan, a Muslim historian, an eye witness who recorded these horrifying killings, was very surprised to hear those arguments.


The mother again asserted that her son was not a Sikh.  However, the boy raising his voice retorted immediately that his mother was telling a lie in order to save his life.  His father was dead, and he was the only support for her.  Being a Sikh, he wanted to be murdered without further delay so that he may not be left behind by his Sikh associates already murdered.  Before another word could be said by his mother, the boy was standing with his head bent before the butcher.  The sword in the hand of the butcher lowered and Hakikat Rai attained his martyrdom.


Such blood curdling events of Sikh history made Sikhs stronger and even more fearless of the oppression let loose against them.  Even today Sikhs don't hesitate to die for justice and human rights.


Even under a threat to their life, Sikhs do not tell a lie.  They love to live as Sikhs or, they would prefer to die