Friday, December 23, 2016

Sakhi Series :- 262 ( Bhai Sada Nand and Bibi Lajwanti - Mata Premo)

Bhai Sada Nand and Bibi Lajwanti 

Bhai Sada Nand Ji was the son of Bhai Jas Bhan, Grand-Son of Bhai Sukh Bhan and Great-Grand-Son of Bhai Kalyana Ji.

Bhai Kalyana Ji and the family had served the Guru's establishment from the first Gurus to the sixth Gurus. He participated along with his family in voluntary service (Kar Seva) at Darbar Sahib and under the orders of Guru Arjan Dev Ji. He performed the task of bringing timber from Mandi State. His name is mentioned in the Hukamnamahs of Guru Har Gobind Sahib Ji and Bhai Sada Nand Ji's is mentioned in the Hukamnamahs of Guru Tegh Bahadur from which it can be realized what a respectable place this family had in the Guru's establishment. They were also great scholars, musicians and excellent singers of their time.

Further more, Baba Jiwan Singh( Bhai Jaita ji)  the son of Bhai Sadanand ji and Bibi Lajwanti was a Sikh General and an accomplice, companion and friend of Guru Gobind Singh ji.  As well as his military prowess he was a poet and a warrior who managed to bring the "sees" - head of Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji (after the martrydom) to Sri Anandpur Sahib where the young Gobind Singh Ji was staying at that time. He eventually became a Sikh martyr and an icon when he fell during the siege of Chamkaur in 1705 against the Mughal armies. He also taught gatka, shabad kirtan, archery, horse riding, and swimming to Sahibjada Ajit Singh.

Please listen to attached sakhi (in Punjabi).