Saturday, October 04, 2014

Sakhi Series :- 254 ( Bhai Moola ji and Guru Gobind Singh Ji)

Gurudwara Shikaar Ghat Sahib

It is said that Guru Gobind Singh ji came here(Shikaar Ghat, Nanded, Maharashtra, India) following the chase (shikar) and killed a rabbit which in a former birth had been Bhai Mula, who belonged to Sialkot (now in Pakistan). He had once accompanied Guru Nanak Dev ji during his travels. Once when Guru Nanak Dev ji went to visit him, Mula (on the request of his wife) avoided the Guru and hid himself for fear that the Guru might take him away on another long journey. Sensing this Guru Nanak Dev ji went away, but such is the travesty of fate that Mula died soon after of snakebite. 

His wife realising her folly begged Guru Nanak Dev ji for forgiveness. Guru Sahib said he was my Sikh and thus I will surely free him but in my 10th form. Since then his repentant soul had been wandering in different sub-human bodies (joons) until Guru Gobind Singh ji (10th Nanak) emancipated it (now in the form/joon of a Rabbit)  by the touch of his arrow. When questioned by his Siksh why he'd killed an innocent animal, Guru jee explained that it was Bhai Moola and he had liberated his soul.