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Sakhi Series :- 158 ( True Living )

True Living
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Setha, Gobinda and Bhaga were three rich merchants. They lived at Chaniot - a small town in Pakistan. All the three brothers were Hindus and the offered Sharadhs every year. They gave corn, clothes and coins to the Brahmans as Dakshana (offering). Sometimes they wondered if all these things were really reached their forefathers in the next world. One day they came to Guru Arjan to find out his views about the Sharadhs and Dakshana.

"O Guru," said Gobinda "We give Dakshana to the Brahmans in the name of our dear forefathers every year. Tell us whether all this reaches our forefathers or not?" "No man can tell whether your forefathers are in heaven or hell." said the Guru smilingly. "No one can tell which Brahman will go to heaven and which to hell? Stop thinking about such things and stop offering Sharadhs. Work hard, tell the truth, help others and remember God."

The three brothers agreed to act upon the Guru's advice and were satisfied, but there was another man, named Chuhar, who couldn't understand the Guru's advice. He said "Sir, how can a merchant like myself and people like Gobinda always speak the truth? Merchants have to tell many lies between sunrise and sunset every day."

"Go back to your village, Chuhar," said the Guru. "Do your trading and try to act upon my advice. Everyday count your lies and good deeds, write them down on a piece of paper and show me that paper at the end of every month." Chuhar agreed to act upon the Guru's advice and went away.

From that day onwards. Chuhar counted and wrote down his lies and good deeds on a piece of paper. At the end of a month he came with it and showed it to the Guru The Guru asked him to read it out to the Sikhs and Chuhar did so. He had done no good deeds and had told a number of lies. He felt small and thought that he should have done better. The Guru however smiled and said, "Chuhar, leave your paper here and keep on trying."

At the end of the second month, Chuhar had really done some good deeds and had told fewer lies. And so it went on. At the end of the eighth month, Chuhar's lies and good deeds were added up. This showed that although he had done only a few good deeds, he had told no lies. Everybody was surprised. Guru Arjan said, "All advice falls flat on those who never think of acting upon it. People have been listening to good advice for thousands of years. The important thing is to act upon it. Cart-loads of books and all the learning in the world are of no use if we do not care to follow them."

All the Sikhs understood the Guru's advice and promised to act upon it.

"As a child is satisfied by drinking milk;
As a poor man is happy on finding wealth;
As a thirsty man is refreshed by drinking water;
So is my soul happy with God."
(Guru Arjan)

"To forget God is death;
To meditate on His Name is life.
Nanak, God is found in the company of the saints."(
Guru Arjan)

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Awakening to Leadership - by Yogi Harbhajan Singh Ji

Awakening to Leadership

By Yogi Harbhajan Singh Ji

Below are the noteworthy statements. However it is good that you watch this entire video.

If you would like to know more about the Singh Sabha Movement please read a good article here


I am grateful that you are sikh.


Concept of Being a Sikh !

Ok, my boy is having a beard, has a turban, reads his Bani. All these are ordinary things. It doesn't make you a Sikh!

If your presence does not work, you are not a sikh. If your conception does not work, you are not a sikh.  If you cannot solidify you're a position before a person, you are not a sikh.

When you stand your presence must speak . You must be ahead of an ordinary well versed person. You can't be a yo-yo. You can't be a may-be / shall-be. These words are not your vocabulary. What you say must be exact. It must go to heart. Head must bow before you, then you are a sikh.


The way is Sit down together, Sit down and hold each other's hands.  Forget all relations. Just say you are my brother, I am your brother. That is the only way we survived.


We need to ask questions – Why we are Sikhs, why we have to have a beard, why, why.... We started asking each other. We tie in so strongly that we became a fist.


Consciousness of the brother hood of the Khalsa. You are the leader of tomorrow. Take responsibility.


We were as one. All bodies, but one Soul. We trust teach other. Knowing all the weakness, we supported each other. That's the only way you can do. You have to cover each other, you have to love each other. You have to trust each other. There are going to be odds.


We discuss, We understand, We act, We support


All have to put your own 1/10nth together. You all have to dress up yourself, You all have to speak truthfully to each other so that they build trust in you


One concept you have to believe that Guru is in You, feel you are his son, then take a decision.



Please spread the word about Young Sikh Leaders and urge your friends to join.



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Sakhi Series :- 157 (Better To Die Than To Live Alone )

Better To Die Than To Live Alone

(Source: Book - FROM THE HEART )


Tulsee Das was a Hindu Saint and was blessed to write the Ramayan scriptures. When he was young he was devoted to reaching God and he struggled slowly on this path. When he got married he was head over heels in love with his beautiful wife, she became the sole reason for his living, everything he did was to please her. One day he surprised her with a gift - she was overwhelmed by his love and said, 'If you were devoted to God half as much as you are to me, I'm sure you would have reached God by now.'

The words struck Tulsee Das to the core and his earlier life of devotion came flooding back to his mind, from that day on God became his sole focus once again.


Many years later when Tulsee Das was old and wise and respected by all in the village as a saint, a Brahmin pirest came to him. He said to Tulsee Das, 'All my life I've preached and read the scriptures, but I haven't met my Beloved Ram. Tell me what I should do?'. Tulsee Das said, 'It's very simple, all you have to do is climb that tall tree and jump off the branch with full faith that Ram will catch you.'


The Brahmin was inspired and climbed the tree, he sat on the branch and looked down at the hard ground below. No matter how hard he tried he couldn't make the leap. Many hours passed and the Village HeadMan (SarPanch) walked by with a bag of money. Noticing the Brahmin he enquired as to what he was doing. The Brahmin explained that Tulsee Das had said that by jumping off the tree Ram would catch him. The SarPanch who was not so religious but had faith quickly said, 'O Brahmin, if you like you may have this bag of money, but give me Tulsee Das's blessing in exchange.'


The Brahmin didn't take too long to think about the offer and was soon off on his way with the bag of money. The SarPanch climbed the tree went across the branch and with full faith in Ram he jumped off. Ram caught him like a baby in its mother's arms.


Sounds too unbelievable to be true? But look for the deeper meaning, there's a very, very important spiritual point to this story. I am like the Brahmin, I do my nitnem prayers and preach to people. I do Waheguru Waheguru meditation and I follow the bits of the Guru's Shabad that I like and ignore the bits that are difficult to apply. I follow half of the Hukam, God's Order, and my life trickles away like this then I wonder why I haven't met Waheguru ji. When my brother comes to me with a great business opportunity my focus becomes how I can make lots and lots of money and in the background I rush my nitnem and Waheguru Waheguru meditation. My life trickles away like this and I wonder why I haven't met Waheguru ji.


But one day with Guru Ji's great kirpa, I hear the story of Tulsee Das. Now I realise I am like the Brahmin, I have lots of things to live for and I am scared of dying. Guru Nanak Ji says 'I have no anxiety about dying, and no hope of living.' (Ang20). Why is Guru Nanak Ji so brave? Because he has full faith that Waheguru ji is looking after him 'SIREE RAAG, FIRST MEHL: I have no anxiety about dying, and no hope of living. You are the Cherisher of all beings; You keep the account of our breaths and morsels of food. You abide within the Gurmukh. As it pleases You, You decide our allotment. || 1 ||'


So in my ardas, 'Guru Granth Sahib Jee you have given your blessing like Tulsee Das gave to the Brahmin. Give me full faith in your Gurbanee Words like the SarPanch had full faith in what Tulsee Das said. Baba Ji may I follow your words 100% and if it kills me then I have faith Waheguru ji You yourself will catch me.'