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Awakening to Leadership - by Yogi Harbhajan Singh Ji

Awakening to Leadership

By Yogi Harbhajan Singh Ji

Below are the noteworthy statements. However it is good that you watch this entire video.

If you would like to know more about the Singh Sabha Movement please read a good article here


I am grateful that you are sikh.


Concept of Being a Sikh !

Ok, my boy is having a beard, has a turban, reads his Bani. All these are ordinary things. It doesn't make you a Sikh!

If your presence does not work, you are not a sikh. If your conception does not work, you are not a sikh.  If you cannot solidify you're a position before a person, you are not a sikh.

When you stand your presence must speak . You must be ahead of an ordinary well versed person. You can't be a yo-yo. You can't be a may-be / shall-be. These words are not your vocabulary. What you say must be exact. It must go to heart. Head must bow before you, then you are a sikh.


The way is Sit down together, Sit down and hold each other's hands.  Forget all relations. Just say you are my brother, I am your brother. That is the only way we survived.


We need to ask questions – Why we are Sikhs, why we have to have a beard, why, why.... We started asking each other. We tie in so strongly that we became a fist.


Consciousness of the brother hood of the Khalsa. You are the leader of tomorrow. Take responsibility.


We were as one. All bodies, but one Soul. We trust teach other. Knowing all the weakness, we supported each other. That's the only way you can do. You have to cover each other, you have to love each other. You have to trust each other. There are going to be odds.


We discuss, We understand, We act, We support


All have to put your own 1/10nth together. You all have to dress up yourself, You all have to speak truthfully to each other so that they build trust in you


One concept you have to believe that Guru is in You, feel you are his son, then take a decision.



Please spread the word about Young Sikh Leaders and urge your friends to join.



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