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Sakhi Series : 45 ( Power Of Gurbani )

Power Of Gurbani (Source:


AMimRqu qyrI bwxIAw ]

a(n)mr i th thae ree b aaneeaa ||

The Bani of Your Word is Ambrosial Nectar.


qyirAw Bgqw irdY smwxIAw ]

th ae riaa bhagath aa r idhai sam aan eeaa ||

It permeates the hearts of Your devotees . - ( Guru Granth Sahib ji, pg 72)



A young child went to a Gursikh and stated that no matter how hard he tried to keep Gurbani in his heart, he just could not understand or keep it. He stated that his mind was not a bucket, but a strainer, which let everything pass through and did not contain the meaning of gurbani.


The Gursikh said "Let us try an experiment. Here is a strainer, and here is some water. Now pour a bucket of water through the strainer."


The child did this and said "See, the water was not contained, it just passed through, my mind is just like this". The Gursikh said. "Do it once more", so he did, and still the water passed through the strainer. The Gursikh said. "Do it ten times at least". The child did, and at the end of this experiment, he said " See, water still passes through, no matter how many times , and how many buckets we pass through it" . The Gursikh said "Look carefully at the strainer and see if there is any thing different." The child did, and his eyes were filled with tears, and he said. "Yes, i see the difference now. The grimy dirty strainer is now shiny and bright, like never before."


The Gursikh said "My son, this is what Gurbani does for you. It cleans your mind, and even if you do not realize it, it slowly cleanses your mind, and protects you from the five vices. The more you recite Gurbani, your mind will not only become shinier, but become like the bucket itself, which will not only become clean, but hold the meaning of Gurbani in your heart".


The child smiled, and felt he had received the best example of the power of Gurbani, ever.  Gurbani is that detergent that cleanes the mind of its dirt. The more we rub our 'surti' with Gurbani the more clean it will get. Dhur kee Baani is full of amrit. Whoever utters baani of Satguru literally drinks amrit.

AMimRq bwxI hir hir qyrI ]

a(n)mr i th baan ee har har th aeree ||

The Word of Your Bani, Lord, is Ambrosial Nectar.


suix suix hovY prm giq myrI ]

s u n sun h o v ai param gath mae ree ||

Hearing it again and again, I am elevated to the supreme heights.


jlin buJI sIqlu hoie mnUAw siqgur kw drsnu pwey jIau ]1]

jalan b u jhee s ee thal h oe manooaa sathig u r kaa dharasan p aa e ae jee o ||1||

The burning within me has been extinguished, and my mind has been cooled and soothed, by the Blessed Vision of the True Guru. ||1||

- ( Guru Granth Sahib ji, pg 103)



sonu said...

That is so true. The young sikhs who have a strong language barrier to conquer are unable to grasp meaning of Sikhi, but through simran and constant dedication they are still able to control their mind despite the pressure from the 5 thieves in todays world.

ajay said...

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