Saturday, April 07, 2007

Excerpt from harbhajan Singh Yogi Khalsa ji's lecture

he took a sword at this time and asked for a head.

Now these fools say he took those people in the tent and some say he chopped off the goat's head. Now, this is their standard. I am just trying to tell you. This is how they look at the Guru. This is their standard. Because just remember in your life there will be three things; you can never get rid of them. The day you get rid of those three things you will have no trouble whatsoever. Param, karam, dharam. There are three things. Param means doubt. Karam means action and reaction. Dharam means when you have absolutely no action or reaction; at that time universe will serve you and you'll become a watcher . Because you need in your life 2 million things. You cannot go after 2 million things. You have to wait and let two million things come to you. Because Guru Nanak says, "Don't go and leave your home in a search. Because when God comes to your address, you will not be there. You are out searching." Don't be a fool. He said, "If by running into the forest God can be found, then the deer should have found Him. If by taking bath in all places, God could be found, then the frog should have found Him." He said, "If by going away into the space and sky if God can be found, eagle would be the most spiritual." He said, "Don't do that. Be at home. Be with your people. Face the negativity. Be in the ashes but rise like a phoenix."

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"Be in the ashes but rise like a phoenix."