Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Sakhi Series :- 268 ( Mere Show of Devotion is of No Use)

Mere Show of Devotion is of No Use
(Source : [Book]The Gospel of the Sikh Gurus ) 

Bhai kalu, Nanu and Haari Kohli came to Guru Arjun Dev ji, prostrated and prayed for clarification that some devotees hear and recite 'Gurbani' and indulge in noble deeds. Yet
others indulge in evil deeds even after reciting 'Gurbani'. If the Guru's word is nectar, why are only some benefited and not others?

Guru ji said that those disciples who listen to 'Gurbani' with the noble intention of terminating their birth and death cycle are liberated. Other who recite 'Gurbani' to enhance
their ego or achieving objects of enjoyment, how can they be liberated? They are like a snake that attracts other insects with the light of the proverbial jewel on his head (mani)
and then swallows them. Similarly, evil persons who recite 'Gurbani' make a show of it to others and cheat them. They  are not benefited.

Those who meditate on 'Narayan', the Unmanifested Lord with dedication and one-pointed mind are liberated.

A Real Warrior is One Who Battles His Own Mind

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