Monday, February 24, 2014

Sakhi Series :- 244 ( Matho Murari)

MATHO MURARI, joint name of a couple Matho and her husband, Murari, both blessed by Guru Amar Das. Murari's real name was Prema. He was a native of the village of Khai, now in Lahore district of West Punjab (Pakistan). Orphaned in early childhood and afflicted by leprosy, Prema had to beg to make a living. Once, having heard about the compassionate nature and spiritual eminence of Guru Amar Das, he made his way to Goindval and reached the Guru`s door hoping that somehow he could be cured.

Leprosy was a dreaded disease and nobody would allow him to approach. Still, he listened to the singing (kirtan) and preaching from outside the Guru's place. On hearing of his plight, Guru Amar Das ji went out to see him. The Guru himself looked after him, bathing him and wrapping him in clean clothes. He was  given to eat from the Guru's kitchen, and allowed to join the congregation for prayers and hymn singing.

It is said that his health improved and that slowly he was cured. Prema was now an attractive looking young man, and the Guru renamed him Murari (meaning destroyer of the demons). 

Guru Amar Das, in the words of Sarup Das Bhalla, Mahimd Prakash, replied: "Murari, to whom your daughter has been married, is my son and Sikh. They shall be jointly known as Matho Murari, your daughter`s name preceding that of husband." The mother was reconciled. The Guru blessed the couple and appointed them to head a manji around Murari`s native Khai to spread Guru's message.