Friday, September 27, 2013

Sakhi Series :- 230 (Bhai Hindal Ji)

B​hai Hindal Ji 

Bhai Hindal(or Bhai Handal) was a prominent Sikh of the time of Guru Amar Das Ji and Guru Ram Das ji. He was a resident of Jandiala, 19 km east of Amritsar. 
He received initiation at the hands of Guru AmarDas ji and continued to be in attendance upon his successor, fourth guru - Guru Ram Das ji. 

At the time of Guru Amardas ji, the institution of Guru-ka-langur (free kitchen) was growing and becoming a great force for change. Guru Ji ensured that social prejudices were renounced and equality of mankind accepted by all those who came to seek his blessings. Every devotee whether Hindu or Muslim, Brahmin or Shudra, rich or poor was asked to sit together as equals and partake food in the langar before he/she could see the Guru.

Bhai Hindal ji use to do sewa in preparing and serving Langar. He spoke but little, and always remained absorbed in devotion. 

As he once sat kneading flour in the Guru ka Langar, Guru Ram Das ji suddenly stepped in. Hindal rose instinctively to make his obeisance. Since the wet flour was adhering to his hands, he, as says Sri GurPratap Suraj Granth, put them behind his back so that they did not smear the Guru's feet when he touched them, and threw himself at his feet. 

The Guru was pleased with his humble devotion. "Thy love is pleasing to my heart, Hindal," he said. "Thou hast my blessing. Completed is thy service. Return now to thy native town and spread the True Name." Hindal went back to Jandiala and began to preach as instructed by the Guru. He lived to a ripe old age and remained a true Sikh to the end. 

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