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Once, a Nishan Sahib bearer Sikh named Bhai Alam Singh was captured by the Mughals during the second battle of Anandpur Sahib, as he advanced far forward than the Sikh positions, and continued to carry the fluttering Sikh Nishan Sahib proudly and without fear. He soon found himself surrounded by the enemy soldiers. The Mughal Commander ordered Alam Singh Ji to "throw the Nishan Sahib down ".Bhai Alam Singh Ji replied, "THIS Flag is the symbol of my personal dignity and that of my Guru and I will never let it fall".

The Mughal Commander then says "we will cut off your hands, in that case."

Bhai Alam Singh Ji without an iota of fear, replied, "In that case, I will carry the Nishan Sahib with my feet." The Mughal said, we will cut off your legs too.

Bhai Alam Singh Ji boldly defying, responded, "Then, I will hold it between my lips, with my mouth! This flag belongs to my GURU, I will never let it fall ever"

The commander retorted, 'we will blow your head off, what will you do then? 'Bhai Alam Singh Ji responded by saying "In that case "The Guru whose flag he was carrying will take care of it ! But while I breathe, I will hold it high".

In those days, the rules of war were that no flag carrier was ever killed or shot by the enemy, but the Mughal commander seeing such fierce and emboldened defiance from Bhai Alam Singh; with one swipe, cut off Bhai Alam Singh Ji's head, in clear violation of the agreed rules of engagement in battle.

But it is said that before the Nishan Sahib could fall to the ground, Guru Gobind Singh Ji's [son] Sahibzada, Baba Ajit Singh Ji appeared and took hold of the Nishan sahib and held the Nishan Sahib high with one hand, while with the other he slayed off the head of the Mughal Commander, spreading fear and chaos in the ranks of the enemy!

This is the as how the Nishan Sahib was held in great esteem by the Sikhs in those days

Brief History: 
It is said words "Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh" in Punjabi script (Victory of God) was inscribed on the Nishan Sahib of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. During Maharaja Ranjit Singh's times words "Akal Sahai" in Punjabi script were unscribed on the Nishan Sahib. During times Sikh Misals, "Nishan Walia" Misal used to provide Sikhs for carrying Nishan Sahib to all the Misals during battles. Nishan Sahib on Pole of suitable height is hoisted on all Gurdwaras.

A flag represents loyalty, unity and distinction. Nishan Sahib stands for the Sikhs in their body, mind, and action. It is an assertion of their physical, mental and spiritual independence, and of the UNITY under its protection. It announces the purity of their thought, and spiritual elevation through their belief in ONE God, faith in their Gurus as well as Guru Granth Sahib ji, and in the edicts of the Sikh faith including the discipline of Amrit. It proclaims their faith, beliefs, high morale, honest conduct, hard work, truthfulness, justice, forgiveness, equality, liberty - live and let live attitude, compassion and helpfulness to the needy etc

Watching a gently fluttering flag lifts up the mind with joy.

Fact : There are 2 Nishan Sahibs in front of Akal Takht Sahib. The Jhanda(nishan) Sahib towards Akal Takht Sahib is one foot shorter than the other (towards teh Darbar Sahib), as the one representing the spiritual or Heavenly realm is seen as the more important of the two. 

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