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Sakhi Series : 210 ( Bhagat Kabir & The Child )

Bhagat Kabir & The Child

Bhagat Jee once went up to this child that was playing and said to him 'Thoosee Naam Japia Kar' and the child made excuses: "Oh I am still quite young and want to enjoy my childhood by playing, when I get older I will Naam Jap"

When the child was a teenager and in higher education, Bhagat Jee went up to him again and said the same bachan 'Thoosee Naam Japia Kar', but then the excuses were different. "Oh I am too busy with my studies, I have a lot to do and have to get high marks. When I get older I will Naam Jap". So then Bhagat Jee left him. 

Then the person became a grown man and was married with a family. Bhagat Jee went up to him again with the same bachan. Again, different excuses were given why he couldn't Naam Jap and do Bhagti. "Oh I've got a busy job, I've got wife and kids to look after now. I haven't got time. When I get older I will Naam Jap."

When the person was an old man and very frail, Bhagat Jee went up to him again and said the same bachan. The reply again was different: "I am too old now. I can hardly walk or sit up straight. I will do Naam Jap in my next life now." 

Then soon after that person passed away....

Few months later Bhagat Jee went passed a farm and saw an ox which was turning the wheel of a well. At the same time the ox was getting hit by the farmer with a stick. Bhagat Jee went up to the ox and whispered in it's ear... "hun Naam Japla." The ox shed a tear for it was that same person before that had wasted his human life not doing what Bhagat Kabir Jee had told him to do throughout his whole life. 

Bhagat Jee then went on to write the following shabad: 

This Shabad is by Bhagat Kabeer Ji in Raag Gujri on Pannaa 524 
<> siqgur pRswid ]
ik oa(n)kaar sathigur prasaadh ||
One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru:
rwgu gUjrI Bgqw kI bwxI
raag goojaree bhagathaa kee baanee
Raag Goojaree, The Words Of The Devotees:

sRI kbIr jIau kw caupdw Gru 2 dUjw ]
sree kabeer jeeo kaa choupadhaa ghar 2 dhoojaa ||
Chau-Paday Of Kabeer Jee, Second House:

cwir pwv duie isMg guMg muK qb kYsy gun geIhY ]
chaar paav dhue si(n)g gu(n)g mukh thab kaisae gun geehai ||
With four feet, two horns and a mute mouth, how could you sing the Praises of the Lord?

aUTq bYTq Tygw pirhY qb kq mUf lukeIhY ]1]
oot(h)ath bait(h)ath t(h)aegaa parihai thab kath moodd lukeehai ||1||
Standing up and sitting down, the stick shall still fall on you, so where will you hide your head? ||1||

hir ibnu bYl ibrwny hueIhY ]
har bin bail biraanae hueehai ||
Without the Lord, you are like a stray ox;

Pwty nwkn tUty kwDn kodau ko Busu KeIhY ]1] rhwau ]
faattae naakan ttoottae kaadhhan kodho ko bhus kheehai ||1|| rehaao ||
with your nose torn, and your shoulders injured, you shall have only the straw of coarse grain to eat. ||1||Pause||

swro idnu folq bn mhIAw Ajhu n pyt AGeIhY ]
saaro dhin ddolath ban meheeaa ajahu n paett agheehai ||
All day long, you shall wander in the forest, and even then, your belly will not be full.

jn Bgqn ko kho n mwno kIE Apno peIhY ]2]
jan bhagathan ko keho n maano keeou apano peehai ||2||
You did not follow the advice of the humble devotees, and so you shall obtain the fruits of your actions. ||2||

duK suK krq mhw BRim bUfo Aink join BrmeIhY ]
dhukh sukh karath mehaa bhram booddo anik jon bharameehai ||
Enduring pleasure and pain, drowned in the great ocean of doubt, you shall wander in numerous reincarnations.

rqn jnmu KoieE pRBu ibsirE iehu Aausru kq peIhY ]3]
rathan janam khoeiou prabh bisariou eihu aousar kath peehai ||3||
You have lost the jewel of human birth by forgetting God; when will you have such an opportunity again? ||3||

BRmq iPrq qylk ky kip ijau giq ibnu rYin ibheIhY ]
bhramath firath thaelak kae kap jio gath bin rain biheehai ||
You turn on the wheel of reincarnation, like an ox at the oil-press; the night of your life passes away without salvation.

khq kbIr rwm nwm ibnu mUMf Duny pCuqeIhY ]4]1]
kehath kabeer raam naam bin moo(n)dd dhhunae pashhutheehai ||4||1||
Says Kabeer, without the Name of the Lord, you shall pound your head, and regret and repent. ||4||1||

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