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Sakhi Series :- 183 ( Bhai Paira and Durga )

Bhai Paira and Durga

Bhai Paira and Durga came to Guru ji and prayed for his guidance. Guru ji told them that the people who had given charity in their previous births were getting its fruit in the present birth. Those who are giving now would get the fruit in the future. So, if they have wealth more than their needs, they should give it to the needy. They should distribute food to the disciples and give them blankets, shawls and other clothes in the winter.
Once, a very large number of devotees came to Guru ji and said that they did not have anything. These two disciples mortgaged their houses and with that  money, provided food to the disciples. After this many more disciples came. It was winter and this made matters worse. They were worried as to how to feed and protect them from cold. The two disciples went to a nearby forest and pondered upon the situation. They casually started digging the earth with wooden sticks. Lo and behold! They discovered a large vessel full of gold coins. This money helped them to bring food and clothes to the other devotees and also release their houses from mortgage.
Guru ji was very pleased and said that he will never abandon those who give in the Name of 'Waheguru'. They will never face scarcity. So they should be firm in their discipline of charity

purIAw cUhVu cauDrI pYVw drgh dwqw Bwrw]
pureeaa chooharr choudhharee pairraa dharageh dhaathaa bhaaraa||
Bhai puria, Chaudhari Chuhar, Bhai Paira and Durga Das are known for their charitable nature.
- Bhai Gurdas ji Vaars Panna 11

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