Sunday, March 07, 2010

Sakhi series 152 :- ( Bhai Suthraa Ji )

Bhai Suthraa Ji

One day Miri Piri De Malk Maharaj Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji was walking with some sevadars, and heard a crying baby. Maharaj asked a sevadar to find where the crying was coming from. The sevadar came back, saying it was a baby crying, so maharaj told the sikh to bring the baby.

When they brought the baby, the sikhs said "maharaj, this baby is kuthraa (ugly)" for he was disformed. Maharaj took the baby in his lap, and said,
"No, he's not kuthraa, but Suthraa (handsome/beautiful)", and instantaneously, the child became quite a beautiful baby.

Bhai Suthraa served the gurus from Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji up to Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji, and was renowned for his wise humor.

During divaan one day, kathaa was going on. Bhai Suthraa was also seated there, and began cussing at the sangat in a loud voices, so some Sikhs went to complain to guruji.

"Maharaj, Bhai Suthraa is being disruptive and cursing vulgarly"
"What did he say?"
So the Sikhs listed all the ways in which Suthraa was being disruptive, listing all the names he called them.
"hmm. Go call bhai Suthraa then,"
So Bhai Suthraa was brought in Maharaj's hajoori.
"Suthriaa! These Sikhs of mine have complaining about you"
"Maharaj, they are not your Sikhs, but mine"
"ROFL! What?!"
"They are my Sikhs, maharaj. Anyhow, ask them what i said to them"
"...oohh kiieee... So. Sikho, what exactly did Bhai Suthraa say to you?"
And the Sikhs once again listed all the insults they received from Bhai Suthraa.
"Now ask them, at the time that I was cursing them, what vichar was going on?"
"You heard him Sikho. What was being discussed during the divaan?"
The Sikhs had no clue
"Guru ji, we dont really recall..."

"Therefore maharaj, with all due respect, these people are my Sikhs, for during divaan they only remembered what i told them, and not what you were teaching"

The Sikhs relaised what Bhai Suthraa wanted to say.

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