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Sakhi Series:- 103 ( Offer something which is your own)

Guru Nanak and the Raja
Ekadasi Fast was being observed by one and all in a kingdom whose Raja was a devoted person. Soon the Raja heard that there was someone who was not fasting, he was furious on hearing this as this was a sacred day of Ekadasi. He summoned him to his presense since he wanted to know the reason for this.

The Sanmukh replied humbly, ""Rajan, I have found the true Guru. On His holy instructions, I have reduced my human wants of eating, sleeping to the minimum. I eat very little every day only to sustain my body, otherwise wholly immersed in devotion to the Holy Nam all the time. With regard to observance of fast, my Lord Guru has instructed me to keep a perpetual fast from all the evils. So esteemed Rajan, as far as fasting is concerned, I am with the Grace of my Lord Guru, observing a life-long fast, from all evils, from all sins. This life-long fast has rendered my whole life sacred. Every day of my life is sanctified and I observe a sacred fast every day."

When the Raja had heard this from him, the Raja was very impressed and touched and wanted to have Darshan of Sri Guru Nanak Sahib. The Sanmukh replied that Guru Ji is the knower of all hearts that if he would pray to Guru Ji, his yearning will be granted.

After some time there were three saints that had settled nearby of the habitation. The Raja wanted to test the genuineness of these saints, therefore, he sent attractive beautiful dancers to entice and charm them into submission. However, the moment they reached the divine presence of the saints, Sri Guru Nanak Sahib set his glance at them and the women fell ill-intent and felt holy bliss from within. These women then turned into goddesses of purity and truth. The women then reported back to the Raja only to submit their resignation from their ill- reputed profession. The Raja became shocked of this magnificent transformation of these women; therefore he felt ashamed of his pride and immediately went for apologies to the saints. He carried befitting and dignified offerings.

He then placed all these offerings to the Sri Guru Nanak Sahib. The Raja pleaded for acceptance. However, Guru Ji declined this offer. The Raja then requested if Guru Ji could visit his palace and accept meals there. The Great Guru enquired as to what special Dakshina would be offered there.

The Raja: "This whole kingdom is an offering unto your holy feet."
Guru Ji: "Rajan, offer something which is your own."
The Raja: "Sir, this whole kingdom is mine."
Guru Ji: "No Rajan, offer something which is your own."
The Raja: "Sir, I am the ruler and Raja of this whole kingdom of mine."
Guru Ji: "No Rajan, your father, grand fater, great grand father also claimed his kingdom as their Nanak Sahibown. Similarly, whatever you have been claiming as your's in previous births is not your's. Offer something which is your own."
Perplexed, the Raja then offered his body at the service of the Great Guru.
Guru Ji: "Rajan, offer something which is your own."
The Raja: "Sir, this body is mine."
Guru Ji: "For all your previous births, you committed the same blunder. Your considered and said identified yourself with the body but had to part without that. What use is the heap of dust? This is not yours. Can you offer something which is your own?"
The Raja: "Sir, if this kingdom, wealth and possessions are not mine, then I offer my mind at your holy feet."
Guru Ji: "Rajan, offer something which is your own."
The Raja: "Sir, this mind is mine."
Guru Ji: "Your mind controls you, it leads you astray, it makes you wander in all directions. It has completely overpowered you. You are a slave of your uncontrolled mind. Something which is beyond your control, you cannot call it your's. Offer something which is your's."

The Raja realised that this perishable body does not belong to him as do not his kingdom and worldly possessions. If the body itself does not belong to him, how can material possessions and worldly things be called his own. His mind was not under his control, rather it ruled over him.

The Raja pleaded: "Sir, if this body is not mine, if this kingdom and all other possessions are not mine, if the mind does not belong to me, what can 'I' offer at your lotus feet?"

Guru Ji: "Offer this 'I' of your's."

The Raja fell at his holy feet and went into a rapturous trance. Afterwards, Guru ji asked him to rule his kingdom. The Raja pleaded "O dispeller of ignorance and darkness, o my great guru, light of all lights, how can I rule now? O bestower of illumination, grant mercy and illumine further". Guru Ji then replied, "Previously you ruled the kingdom always with the notion, 'my kingdom', 'my palace', 'my army', 'my treasure', 'my family' and so on. Since you have now offered and surrendered your 'I', all these bonds of 'I'ness and `My'ness stand snapped. Now you cannot claim anything as yours. Now you rule the kingdom as an instrument of Guru and God. Everything belongs to God. Look after and rule the kingdom as a sacred trust of the Lord. Only the sense of 'I'ness and 'My'ness binds a soul. All the worldly links with the false 'I' ego are binding; as now all these links with 'I' ego stand delinked and snapped, you are free"

Having rid the Raja of his 'I' ego, Sri Guru Nanak Sahib bestowed freedom on him from all bonds which can bind, which cause the continuity of the cycle of transmigration.


kaahae bhram bhramehi bigaanae ||

Why do you wander in doubt, you fool?


naam binaa kishh kaam n aavai maeraa maeraa kar bahuth pashhuthaanae ||1|| rehaao ||

Without the Naam, the Name of the Lord, nothing is of any use at all. Crying out, 'Mine, mine', a great many have departed, regretfully repenting. ||1||Pause

 Guru Granth Sahib Ji, Ang 896




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sonu said...

Great Sakhi, All the sorrow, pain, stress etc. is linked to the one "I, ME"
If the "I" gets replaces with "tu" then "We" become free ;)