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Sakhi Series:- 95 [ Babbar Sher Singh Jee ( when you don't get ras out of Naam and it feels like you are wasting your time … ) ]

Babbar Sher Singh Jee ( when you don't get ras out of Naam and it feels like you are wasting your time …  )

(Source: Book – From the Heart)


kvxu su AKru kvxu guxu kvxu su mxIAw mMqu ]

kavan s akhar kavan gun kavan s maneeaa ma(n)th ||

What is that word, what is that virtue, and what is that magic mantra?


kvxu su vyso hau krI ijqu vis AwvY kMqu ]126]

kavan s vaeso ho karee jith vas aavai ka(n)th ||126||

What are those clothes, which I can wear to captivate my Husband Lord? ||126||


invxu su AKru Kvxu guxu ijhbw mxIAw mMqu ]

nivan s akhar khavan gun jihabaa maneeaa ma(n)th ||

Humility is the word, forgiveness is the virtue, and sweet speech is the magic mantra.


ey qRY BYxy vys kir qW vis AwvI kMqu ]127]

eae thrai bhainae vaes kar thaa(n) vas aavee ka(n)th ||127||

Wear these three robes, O sister, and you will captivate your Husband Lord. ||127||

à Guru Granth Sahib


One morning after amrit vela simran (very early morning naam meditation), Babbar Sher Singh jee was travelling into the forest. He was drowning in the spiritual bliss of naam and walked right into a Moghul soldier's ambush.


Since he was an adept sant-sipahee (saint-soldier), he had no problem escaping the trap. The Moghul leader called out to him, "I have heard much about the Khalsa and their Guru. Come and show me what your Guru is made of." Listening to the challenge to his Guru - wonderful Guru Gobind Singh jee - Babbar Sher Singh jee could not resist the Moghul's call. So he returned.


The Moghul said, "We will each show our swordsmanship. The winner will walk free."

Babbar Sher Singh jee agreed. They stood a few feet apart. First, the Moghul took his sharp sword and with "whooshs" filling the air, managed to unhook Babbar Sher Singh jee's battledress (chowla) clean off. Every one was impressed.


Then Babbar Sher Singh jee took out his sword (Kirpan) and a few "whooshs" later, he sheathed it again. Apparently no damage had been done to the Moghul leader.


The Moghul laughed and said, "What good is that?"

The Babbar Sher Singh jee said, "Move you head..."

The Moghul leader moved his head slightly and lo and behold! his head came clean off his body.



How could this story be possibly related to Naam?


Now, now, my beloved friends not so much haste. This story has everything to do with Naam.


The sword is the Khanda of Naam, the Singh is Satguru and the Moghul is ego or humai. "Say what boy?"


Well, when we jap naam, our ego is being erased - this is confirmed several times in gurbanee. But yet we think we haven't changed a bit. We feel we are not progressing spiritually at all sometimes. And yet, Naam is doing it's work cleanly and deeply.

And a time will come when Satguru will give us a slight push and our humai will come cleanly off.


So pyareoooo, don't ever get discouraged when you don't get ras out of Naam and it feels like you are wasting your time. The time spent sitting for Naam meditation is the most precious of all times. It's value cannot be described.


Even when the mind is going wild and it is only our mouth saying "waheguru waheguru", even that time is better than doing anything else. You might ask why?

Well, it is true that only "waheguru" said with dhian or concentration is of spiritual worth; but still, just by sitting we are training at least the body to be still. The mind will eventually follow when it sees that this gursikh refuses to obey it.


The mind says, "Let's sleep. We have a long day ahead." But this gursikh says, "Mind, I don't really give a hoot whether I have a long day ahead or not, I am not budging an inch."

Finally, the mind will get the message and it too will start becoming still. Once it is still, it will feel naam ras (sweetness), because only in stillness is naam ras. Once it has felt naam ras, the other worldly ras will feel shallow and gross.


waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguruu....



jwlau AYsI rIiq ijqu mY ipAwrw vIsrY ]

jaalo aisee reeth jith mai piaaraa veesarai ||

Burn away those rituals which lead you to forget the Beloved Lord.


nwnk sweI BlI prIiq ijqu swihb syqI piq rhY ]2]

naanak saaee bhalee pareeth jith saahib saethee path rehai ||2||

O Nanak, sublime is that love, which preserves my honor with my Lord Master. ||2||

à Guru Granth Sahib


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kittu said...

O pyare guru ke sikh,
I am impressed with your efforts, the kind of blog you have created.
When I was reading this name-Babbar Sher Singh Jee, then even I realised that this story is symbolic, as you mentioned its morale at last.

Every sikh recite gurbani everyday, like they do Japji Sahib, Jaap Sahib, Rehraas Sahib, daily without even a single day missed. But what I realised that there is a very less no. of persons who wants to understand the depth of Gurbani. There are few individuals who really wish to lead their life exactly as Satguru Ji wanted their sikh to be.
They recite verses of gurbani like a parrot without any 'bhaav', without any 'shradha'.
We need to understand what message gurbani is giving to all of us.
There is a phrase in gurbani
"Brahmgyani Ki Gat Brahmgyani Jaane"
So to understand Gurbani, we need a sant, who can explain the Brahmgyani's(enlightened being) bani.
I found Rehraas Sahib, Jaap Sahib, Japji Sahib, Salok Mehla 9's of all major bani's elaborative explanation at devotional website , where one can listen & download 'gurbani vyakhya' in mp3 format easily.
One can him/herself explore this site, so that he can get true essence of gurbani.
"Gurbani ke marm ko janiye or samjhiye, sirf padne se kuch na hoga"