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Sakhi Series : 76 ( Bhagat Beni Ji )


Source: Vaar 10 Pauri 14 Beni Vaaran Bhai Gurdas

( BENI, BHAGAT is one of the fifteen saints and sufis some of whose compositions have been incorporated in the Guru Granth Sãhib.)


Saint Beni, a gurmukh, used to sit in solitude and would enter a meditative trance. He would perform spiritual activities and in humbleness would never tell anyone. Reaching back home when asked, he would tell people that he had gone to the door of his king (the Supreme Lord).

When his wife asked for some household material he would avoid her and thus spend his time performing spiritual activities.

One day while concentrating on the Lord with single-minded devotion, a strange miracle happened.

To keep the glory of the devotee, God Himself in the form of King went to his house. In great joy, He consoled everyone and made available profuse money for expenditure.

From there He came to His devotee Beni and compassionately loved him. This way He arranges applause for His devotees.
Vaar 10 Pauri 14 Beni Vaaran Bhai Gurdas



sil poojas chakr ganae sa(n) || nis jaagas bhagath pravaesa(n) ||

You worship the stone idol, and paint ceremonial marks of Ganesha.

You remain awake throughout the night, pretending to worship God.


pag naachas chith akarama(n) || eae la(n)patt naach adhharama(n) ||3||

You dance, but your consciousness is filled with evil. You are lewd and depraved - this is such an unrighteous dance! ||3||


mrig aasan thulasee maalaa || kar oojal th ilak kapaalaa ||

You sit on a deer-skin, and chant on your mala. You put the sacred mark, the tilak, on your forehead.


ridhai koorr ka(n)t(h) rudhraakha(n) || rae la(n)patt k irasan abhaakha(n) ||4||

You wear the rosary beads of Shiva around your neck, but your heart is filled with falsehood. You are lewd and depraved - you do not chant God's Name. ||4||


jin aatham thath n cheenihaaa || sabh fokatt dhharam ab eeniaa ||

Whoever does not realize the essence of the soul all his religious actions are hollow and false.


kahu baenee guramukh dhhiaavai || b in sathigur baatt n paavai ||5||1||

Says Baynee, as Gurmukh, meditate. Without the True Guru, you shall not find the Way. ||5||1||

- Bhagat Baynee ji GGS Ang- 1351




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