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Sakhi Series : 66 ( Guru Har Rai jis compassion)

Guru Har Rai jis compassion


fareedhaa bu rae dhaa bhalaa kar gusaa man n hadtaae ||

Fareed, answer evil with goodness; do not fill your mind with anger.


dhaehee rog n lag ee palai sabh kishh paae ||78||

Your body shall not suffer from any disease, and you shall obtain everything. ||78||

- Guru Granth sahib ji – 1381


Guru Har Rai was a saint soldier like Guru Hargobind Sahib ji. Guruji would miss no opportunity to inculcate in his disciples the noble sentiments of humility, compassion and selfless service.


Guru Har Rai ji set up hospitals for relieving the distress of the sick. Medicines were given free to those who came for treatment.


Once, when Emperor Shah Jehan's eldest son, Dara Shikoh became dangerously ill, the Emperor searched everywhere for the ingredients (for the medicine prescribed by the royal physician) but they could not be found. It was then that his Prime Minister, who had heard of the Guru Har Rai ji's fame, informed that they were available from the Gurus' store house. Although the Emperor was hostile to the Guru, yet as the Guru's house was a mine of sympathy and compassion for all, there was no doubt that he would grant the articles required.

The Emperor thus humbled himself before the Guru and sent a letter. The Guru on receiving the letter consented to give the required medicines.


When asked by some Sikhs about why Guruji was helping the son of Shah Jahan who had quarreled with his grandfather and father ( Guru Arjan Dev ji and Guru Hargobind Sahib ji). Guru ji is believed to have said "with one hand man breaks flowers and with one hand offers them, but the flowers perfume both hands alike. The axe cuts the sandal tree, yet the sandal perfumes the axe ." The Guru ought, therefore, to return good for evil.


The medicine was administered and effected a speedy and complete cure.


gunaa kaa h ovai vaasulaa kadt vaas leejai ||

One who has a basket of fragrant virtues, should enjoy its fragrance.


j ae gun hovanih saajanaa mil saajh kareejai ||

If my friends have virtues, I will share in them.


s aajh kareejai guneh kaeree shhodd avagan chaleeai ||

Let us form a partnership, and share our virtues; let us abandon our faults, and walk on the Path.


peh irae patta(n)bar kar adda(n)bar aapanaa pirr maleeai ||

Let us wear our virtues like silk clothes; let us decorate ourselves, and enter the arena.


j ithhai jaae beheeai bhalaa keheeai jhol a(n)mrith peejai ||

Let us speak of goodness, wherever we go and sit; let us skim off the Ambrosial Nectar, and drink it in.


g unaa kaa hovai vaasulaa kadt vaas leejai ||3||

One who has a basket of fragrant virtues, should enjoy its fragrance. ||3||

- Guru Granth sahib ji – 765


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