Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Max Arthur Macauliffe - The Sikh Religion in 6 volumes

Max Arthur Macauliffe - The Sikh Religion in 6 volumes

This probably the most comprehensive set on Sikhism compiled in the early 20th century. The author was
mesmerized by a Sikh celebration. The man began to do a lot of research and found out that there was not much information on the Sikh religion. In cooperation with the Great Sikh Scholar Bhai Kahn Singh Nabha and through rigorous labor they produced this book set on Sikhism. The mans British superioirs criticized him for turning a Sikh. In his servants memoirs it is recorded that about 30 minutes before he passed away he was reciting the Japji Sahib. This man dedicated his life to this. The book set has gone into public domain and is available. It is an insult to this mans life if we do not learn from this monumental work. THis work CONTAINS EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING you can imagine on Sikhi.!!!!!!!!

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Volume One

Volume Two

Volume Three

Volume Four

Volume Five

Volume Six

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